How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints & Giclees

Knowing how to price art prints, and giclee prints gives visual artists a strategic advantage. When art is priced right, you make more money and keep more money.

Art Print Pricing Is Used as a Tool by Successful Visual Artists  

How to Price Art Prints by Barney Davey There is powerful strategy in knowing how to price fine art prints and giclees. Visual artists who employ effective techniques in pricing their art careers create an advantage for themselves.

Having a proven plan to value your fine art reproductions is vital to profitably managing your art business. A problem for artists, up to now, is they did not have access to the best ideas and techniques for what to charge for their fine art reproductions and giclees.

A Brand New e-book Answers, “How to Price Art Prints?”

Visual artists and fine art photographers, will find the How to Price Digital Fine Art Prints e-book by Barney Davey an invaluable resource. It is a reference they will regularly use for guidance on to answer the puzzzling question, “How to price digital fine art prints and giclees?”

Small Business Owners Routinely Make Critical Decisions.

As with all entrepreneurs, you make daily decisions on numerous business-crucial questions. Properly assessing art values requires a confident decision on your part. Since it is one of your most important decisions, get your giclee fine art prints in the “sweet spot”  where they are neither “too high” nor “too low.” is essential. Dialing in the right numbers keeps you from losing sales at the high end and losing profits at the low end.

You will find this e-book loaded with insights from art marketing experts. When you tap into their knowledge, you will profitably begin to price your digital fine art prints and giclees for your greatest success.

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