Imagine Your Art Career Cooking on High Heat!

Discover how to find and sell directly to buyers and collectors.

Dear Fine Artist,

You take care to make the best art you can. Shouldn't you sell art with the same care?

Let me ask... Do you sometimes worry or feel frustrated about how well your career is doing? 

If you answered yes, it's okay. You need to know you are not alone. Such concerns are common problems for nearly all small business owners. But, because art is a discretionary income item, the problems are magnified.

The bad news is it takes getting a lot of things done right to make your career sizzle. The good news is there is help and YOU CAN DO IT!

Problems Start Early for Artists

The trouble begins when artists try to launch their careers only to discover they lack proper training on how to sell art, market their work and operate profitably. It's such a common problem it spawned the phrase, "What they didn't teach you in art school."

In the pre-Internet days of 1988, I began advising artists on the best ways to get their work to market. Nearly 30 years later, I still talk with artists nearly every day. I can see they work hard to sell their art. It is clear that they want to sell more of their art and enjoy success.

Unfortunately, too many are unsure and conflicted about how to make success happen. Their confusion, insecurity and lack of progress are discouraging and inflict career paralysis in the worst cases. These troubles lead many, including those with some success, to feel the system is somehow rigged against them. 

I mean, who could blame them?​

When for nearly all the only path to success is through OJT (on the job training), it's easy to see why artists feel the system is unfair. Trying to build a successful career without adequate help or practical training is a recipe for undesirable results.

Are You Ready for a Change?

Art Marketing Mastery Broth

You don't have to settle for less, or accept things as the way they are. For the first time in history, artists have the power to take full control of their careers. If you believe, know what to do, and take action, you can cook up the success you know you've always been capable of having.

Is now the time for you to get serious and move your career to the front burner? I sure hope so. Because...


My name is Barney Davey. I got my start in the art business and helping visual artists as a Senior Account Executive for Decor magazine in 1988. It was the leading art business publication for art galleries and picture framing retailers. We also produced the Decor Expo tradeshows. They were the largest, most influential international shows in the art trade business.

Learn the Best Ways How to Sell Art

 I could not believe my good fortune when I was recruited to take a job with the primary responsibility to help artists learn how to create attention, interest, desire and then action to sell their art. For someone who loved both marketing and fine art, it was a dream come true.

I attended hundreds of fine art tradeshows. At each one, I take every opportunity to befriend top selling artists and industry leaders so I can learn from them to add to my art marketing expertise. Without sharing proprietary secrets, I spoon feed my artist clients with insider insights sprinkled with my art marketing wisdom.

It is my sincere wish that one day when you are basking in success that you will look back and think to yourself, you got lucky when you read this page and got motivated to do something with your career. 

Tsunami-like Changes Rocked the Art Industry

The early 2000s were brutal for fine art trade magazines and tradeshows. The rise of the Internet, 9/11 attacks, changing consumer buying habits, big box retailing, and Chinese imports made for the perfect ingredients to brew a batch of trouble that would flatten countless businesses. Even my beloved 135-year-old Decor magazine and its sister Decor Expo show could not avoid crumbling like a cookie and taking my job with it.

Despite the trauma and setback of losing a job I loved, I never stopped helping artists. To this day, I continue to provide practical advice through my blog, consulting, bestselling books, workshops and webinars. All told, I've helped boost the careers of thousands of visual artists.

I Have Something Special Cooked Up Just for You!


As an artist, you strive to make a masterpiece... a work that defines your career. The Art Marketing Mastery Workshop is my masterpiece. I've put every smart, innovative and useful idea I know about how to get your art to market into it. It's a powerful brew if I say so myself.  

The Art Marketing Mastery Workshop is like the ultimate art career cookbook. It provides artists with an abundant array of resourceful recipes. You won't use them all at once. With my help, you choose which ones you can start using now to create an art career that sizzles.

You will find the training, like those who have already joined, robust, practical and career changing. The workshop is built out of a passionate mission and on nearly 30 years of direct experience helping artists learn the most efficient ways to get their work to market.​​

Here’s How Joining my Art Marketing Mastery Workshop Will Change Your Career:

    • Exclusive access to my complete advanced level art marketing information. It’s almost like you’re downloading my nearly 30-years of art marketing experience and wisdom directly into your brain so you can start using it immediately to begin selling your art and living your dream lifestyle.
    • Learn proven, easy-to-use techniques that remove the stress and guesswork of finding buyers and collectors who want your art.
    • Discover the best methods to find collectors and sell directly to them.
    • Direct to collectors sales immunize you from being burned by relying on outside sources you don't control. They minimize losses when your galleries close, Facebook fades, or 3rd-party channels shut you out.
    • Make “follow up sales” as much as ten times more profitable… and how to start locking in the process right away.
    • Learn a foolproof technique to boost sales — it’s a simple routine most artists ignore.
    • Independence. You get it by establishing a repeatable system that produces predictable results for your entire career. You can’t put a price tag on the contentment and security that comes from being truly independent.
    • Community! Admission to the private Facebook group comprised of smart, ambitious artists who are eager to help each other grow their businesses. The help and support you get is priceless.


    Art Business Basics
    Advanced Art Marketing


    I’ve been helping artists succeed for nearly 30 years. Join with me and let me help you, too.

    I can deliver on my promise to you just as I do for these leading industry sites and publications:

    • Art World News
    • Art Business News
    • The Artist’s Magazine
    • Decor
    • My How to Profit from the Art Print Market book was a featured in the North Light Book Club, which is part of FW Media’s The Artist’s Magazine group.
    • I’m a columnist for Art World News magazine
    • is my weekly newsletter. Art Business News magazine ranks it as the #1 art business blog. ranks it among the top 75 art blogs worldwide, which is a kind of a big deal because it competes against thousands of consumer art blogs… some with millions of readers.
    • I have been featured in, written for, and worked with the art market’s most prominent publications, online sites, and trade shows, including:
    Seen In - Worked With

    I am the author of these five books. All have hit the “Business of Art” bestsellers list! 

    Books by Barney Davey

    The Art Marketing Mastery Workshop Mission Is Professional & Personal

    The workshop comes out of my mission to help as many artists as possible enjoy the recognition and rewards they deserve. For me, it’s more than a job, it’s personal. Thanks to my mother, my love of fine art came early. 

    Mary Davey was an exceptional artist. She could have had a productive, profitable career as a visual artist. Unfortunately, life got in the way. That happens when you are widowed with six kids ranging from eight to eighteen. She was stuck in a school teacher’s job with no chance for an art career. So besides excelling at helping artists succeed, I am motivated to help you and others because of her.

    You see, I feel for every artist whose I career I boost, it’s a tip of my hat to her. It is my personal way to acknowledge her talent, potential, and her love of the arts.

    Our frequent Sunday trips to the St. Louis Art Museum (one of the best in the U.S.) remain among my fondest childhood memories. I believe my work recognizes my mom for the sacrifices she made so her kids could have a better life than she did. 

    The mix of her influence and my good fortune to land a job with Decor magazine, which gave me my a broad understanding the art business and how art gets to market. It allowed me to work closely with artists and help them develop efficient marketing strategies.

    Mary O'Neill Davey

    Mary O'Neill Davey

    I was amazed to discover a passion that stirred a deep purpose within me. It transcended having a job — something I’d never knew existed. It still fuels my desire to support artists and make them successful. I feel incredibly lucky to have found work that is so satisfying to do. I cannot adequately express how gratifying it is when an artist who follows me reports back with their success. It is intense validation that I am doing something worthwhile.  

    Because of my background, I believe I am empowered to help you vanquish your naysayers, build your knowledge, and inspire you to reach your full potential. I know we can do great things together.


    Barney Davey's Art Marketing Mastery Workshop is on the most, if not the most, comprehensive source of information for artists today.

    Michael Dailey 
    Contemporary Portraiture                 

    Taking this course was the best investment that I have ever made in my art career... The course and the support that Barney gives us has also instilled courage to go out and get things done -- I am now in two galleries and also in an online gallery... Thank you, Barney, for caring and helping so many of us.

    Johanna Lerwick 
    Wildlife Artist

    Barney Davey's Art Marketing Mastery course offers a wealth of practical, down-to-earth, no-nonsense knowledge abou the nuts and bolts of marketing your art. This course can serve as the missing link between you, the schooled or self-taught artist, and the elusive world of making a good living from your work.

    Jeffery H. Dean 

    Barney Davey's "Art Marketing Mastery" course has given me renewed hope that I can make my landscape / nature photography business the success I had always dreamed it could be. Barney clearly explains that the smart route to success is NOT to wait for art buyers to discover your website. Rather, he teaches how to build a professional relationship with a consistent group of art collectors.

    Barney has an incredible wealth of knowledge and shares that knowledge very generously. He is an excellent teacher, extremely generous with his time, answers any and all questions and offers the most content for such an incredibly reasonable price. He is very laid back and as genuine and friendly as they come.

    Tom Potter 

    You Don't Need a Cookie Cutter Program. You Need a Unique Plan Built on Your Strengths and Goals!

    The Art Marketing Mastery Workshop compares to a consummate cookbook. It has abundant, resourceful recipes you can use to make a sizzling art career. It gives you many options. Some you will want to start using immediately. You will grow into using others as your career and capabilities progress. It's comforting to know you have the knowledge and resources available to bake something new into your art marketing plans as your business and marketing skills improve.

    The Art Marketing Mastery Workshop is designed to guide you to the success you want for your career. Just as each of us is different, every art career is unique. Your goal is not to recreate someone else’s success. It is to be the best you can be.

    Be yourself, everybody else is already taken. - Oscar Wilde


    Like an art career, the Art Marketing Mastery Workshop is a work in progress. I will continue to make improvements to the quality and the presentation of the information you receive. For example, you will get training on using Instagram and Pinterest provided at no additional cost as soon as the modules are developed later this year.

    The entire membership program will move soon to a more robust system to make your learning easier and more in-depth.​ As with all improvements, they come at no additional cost to members who join now.


    Every time an artist buys this program my reputation goes on the line. As such, your commitment to making this program work for you is critical for both of us. 

    Marketing success is about touches and frequent communication. Touch your top prospects with enough varied, targeted messages and you will have success. You will learn how to do this effectively in the workshop. The only way to generate this activity is to put in the time.

    I suggest you need to put in a minimum of eight hours a week on marketing. If you cannot commit, then do not buy this program. Bookmark or save this URL for a time when you can work 8 or more hours each week applying what you learn from the program.