How to Write a Press Release for Artists

Learning how to write press releases for artists is not optional. Visual artists who want to succeed in the art business must develop press friendly skills.

tara reed Writing effective press releases is a learned skill. For visual artists seeking to grow their art business and sharpen their art marketing, knowing how to write press releases also is a crucial skill. Artist Tara Reed has just published a new e-book titled, How to Be a Press Friendly Artist: Get Quoted. Get Press. Get Published.

Advice from an art marketing pro

As one who spent decades in the fine art trade magazine publishing business, I can testify this press release primer is a gem! It is just what you would expect from a highly successful multi-million dollar selling artist specializing the intensely competitive art licensing field.

The knowledge in this book applies to all artists

You do not have to be working in the licensing field to take full advantage of the sound advice this book offers. You only need to have the desire to capitalize on the single best resource available to you to help you promote your art career.

Live Your Best Artist's LIfe
Live Your Best Artist’s LIfe

Tara’s advice on why it is important to utilize press releases and how to work with the press is spot on. You will find it in perfect alignment with the advice in my book How to Profit from the Art Print Market and my numerous Art Print Issues blog posts on publicity for artists here.

Real world press release experience makes the difference

Artists will find Tara’s insightful coaching and specific advice offers concise real world examples of how to write press releases for their art business. She explains why artists need to be friends with the press and how to make it easy for the press to love you, the artist.

Here is a sampling of press release tools & techniques you will learn:

  • How to write a Press Release with great tips on distributing your Press Releases.
  • Where to find online Press Release distribution sites.
  • Hand Picking the right editors for you to send Press Releases to directly.
  • Build a Media Contact List.
  • Create a Press eMail Signature.
  • Take Advantage of Editorial Calendars.
  • Digital & Physical Press Kits – When to Use Them.
  • What To Include in Any Press Kit – Digital or Physical.

The appendices offer great examples of actual published press releases with step-by-step instructions on how to setup and use the free services at to professionally put your own publicity on the wire.

I am a true believer in the power of the press release

Whether you have read either the first or second edition of my How to Profit from the Art Print Market, or have been a regular reader of my Art Print Issues blog here, then you already know I place a premium on the importance of effectively using the power of press releases to advance your art career.

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As Tara says, “There are many ways to get the word out of course. Maybe you have a website, use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, exhibit in art shows, advertise, etc. The press can help you too – if they know about you and if you give them information that their readers are interested in.”

The best publicity is both career boosting and free – artists learn to use it here

You cannot beat the implied third-party endorsement that comes with free publicity. The right publicity has been known to do wonders for the art careers of some visual artists. Since How to Be a Press Friendly Artist is about how to get free press not paid press, it makes the information most valuable and useful to any artist savvy enough to tap into its power.

Free press can come in the form of a quote and website mention in an article run in a newspaper, print magazine or online article. It can also be a feature story about you and what you do. Paid press is usually in the form of advertising. Order your copy today! You will be glad you did.

In addition to her successful art licensing career, Tara Reed also is an art licensing coach and a prolific writer on the subject of art licensing. Some of her other more popular titles include How to Get Started in Art Licensing and How to Find an Art Licensing Agent. Both are recommended reading for any artist seeking to break into the lucrative licensing field.


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  1. This article is very much helpful. Press release aside from article writing is another way of promoting our different types of businesses especially the artists like us so our arts will get noticed. We may have our different ways of promotions but press release is one of the effective way in terms of promotions. Thanks for sharing these helpful info! This is so great!

  2. Hi Tina, Thanks for your comment! I hope you found Tara’s book as useful as I did. The link to the free pr distribution site saves me $80 over using, so I saved a bundle just on one suggestion. Cheers, Barney

  3. 1. Copy and paste release to your blog giving your readers a chance to read and share opinion.

    2. The other way is while posting a press release post your own thoughts.

    3. The final and my favorite way is when you quote some parts giving your comments.

    Include things something like above.

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