I’m Still Here ;-) – Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Ho, Ho, Ho!

Seasons Greetings

DCF 1.0

Being an eternal optimist and non-believer in ancient or new predictions of early earthly demise, I’m writing this just hours before December 21st. Did I mention besides being optimistic that I can also be blunt?

With sentiment in mind, I must say the Mayan thing was a crock of nonsense, and total waste of energy to think about it.

Peace On Earth

I could attempt to impress you with my thoughts and platitudes about the holidays and coming New Year, but you have heard it all non-stop ad nauseum for too long.  Instead I wish for Peace on earth, goodwill to each of you all. Many, many thanks  to you for reading my blog.

Best wishes for a wonderful life (no pun intended, well, kinda, sorta). Don’t make it a great year, make it your best year!

Peace out,

All the best - Barney


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