15 Killer Blog Posts

Get 15 Killer Blog Posts to Boost Your Art World

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Here are 15 killer blog posts & resources for you.

You can jump on any one of them to find new ways to boost your art career.

Don’t you hate it when good things skip by your radar? I sure do.

Over the years, I’ve found many things I knew would help me, but some slipped by too fast. I’m sure that’s likely happened to you as well. Just for you and because I care, I have compiled 15 killer blog posts you can use to ramp up your career.

600 Posts and Climbing — These Are Among the Best.

Since 2005, I have published more than 600 art business and art marketing posts. That’s equal to seven 300-page books. It is no wonder any artist would not get to use every idea before the next one arrived.

To make it easy for you, I gathered these 15 killer blog posts in one place. I am 100% sure there are items on this list you can use to improve your art career. I’m also 100% certain you cannot use them all at once. That’s okay. It’s more important to get started doing a few than worrying over doing them all.

Pick Two or Three and Get Cracking.

My suggestion is review the posts and pick two or three you can start doing right away. Then copy and paste this link


Learn how to sell art without a website or social media

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on your calendar 90 days from now. Use that reminder to check your progress. If things are going well, pick out a few more to add to your mix. Lather, rinse and repeat.

killer blog posts


  1. How to Price Your Work to Make More Money
  2. How to Find Art Collectors Mind Map
  3. 89 Cheap Ways to Market Your Art
  4. How to Sell Art at Shows
  5. Email Marketing for Artists
  6. How to Sell to Interior Designers
  7. How to Sell Art to the Affluent Market
  8. How to Make Creative Graphic Designs Quick – 10 Free Image Sources
  9. 52 Blog Topic Ideas for Artists
  10. 8-Steps to Art Marketing Mastery – free 99-minute recorded webinar
  11. How to Sell Your Art Using Buyer Social Styles
  12. How to Take the Lead & Close the Deal
  13. 10 Best Ways How to Be a Happy Artist
  14. What Kind of Art Sells Best?
  15. What Is the Best Way for an Artist to Get Found Online

Learn how to sell art without a website or social media

Hurry! The Charter Rates offer expires soon! Go to bdavey.co/101

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