Last Summer Repost – 52 Blog Topics for Artists – Get Started Now!

52 blog topics for artistsPerhaps you have read Why Every Artist Needs a Blog on Art Marketing News, and you are now ready to take the plunge into the blogoshpere. But, you are concerned you won’t know what to write. Here then are 52 suggested blog topics designed to get you through your first year.

For the final summer repost, here is an oldie, but goodie, that stands the test of time. If you are ever at a wonder as to what to write about in your next blog post, the following repost will be helpful:

A Year of Blog Topics for Artists – No Reason to Hold Back Now

Perhaps you have read Why Every Artist Needs a Blog on Art Print Issues, and you are now ready to take the plunge into the blogoshpere. But, you are concerned you won’t know what to write. If you think people don’t want to know what you had for lunch, you’re correct and win a gold star. Here then are 52 suggested blog topics designed to get you through your first year without ever mentioning peanut butter and jelly. Several topics could easily be multi-part posts:

52 blog topics for artists – Courtesy of Art Print Issues

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1. Why I support xyz charity
2. The most inspiring art teacher I have known
3. How I came to know being a professional artist was my career path
4. Why I love working with xyz medium
5. What you can learn from the traveling exhibit at the abc museum
6. Four galleries I would love to carry my work and why
7. Five contemporary artists whose works inspire and inform me
8. Clues to the subtle messages in my art
9. My color palette is (nature/technology/environment) driven and why
10. Ten things they don’t teach you in art school
11. How being in the business of art affects my art
12. When I paint, I like to listen to Guns n’ Roses/London Philharmonic/Enya/Toby Keith
13. How the other arts influence my work, e.g., how I attempt to interpret the fluidity of a ballerina in my brush stokes
14. Here are blogs by other artists whose work I like, or whose blogs I like
15. Art retreats; although you may not get rich and famous, you can still travel and stay at wonderful places. Here are my favorites or fantasies
16. How other jobs I’ve had have added perspective to my art
17. Spirituality is personal, but growth in it has made me a better artist
18. Nine things I want to paint before I stop
19. Why painting en plen air is exhilarating
20. Art by other artists I bought in unusual places
21. Visually inspiring day trips around where I live
22. Museums I’ve visited in other cities and around home
23. Art books on my bookshelf
24. If I could only recommend one book, art or otherwise, for someone, it would be…
25. How living the creative life has uplifted my spirits and made me a better person
26. Advice for young artists
27. Why I love my local galleries and/or the local art scene
28. How blogging has stretched me as an artist
29. You can find my art online at these sites, here’s why I chose to use them
30. Art magazines I like to read
31. The greatest influence on my life was…
32. Why and how parents should encourage artistic development in their children
33. Some funny experiences either colleagues or I’ve had at art shows
34. I still can’t believe people have asked me these things
35. The five best quotes on art I’ve ever read
36. How the courage and creativity of some disabled artists have inspired me
37. Here are blogs I enjoy that are not about art
38. Seven ways technology has changed how I make and sell art (Some examples are: Photoshop/digital camera/digital painting/digital printing/Painter/online art sites)
39. I’m grateful because this person came in my life, or because this happened to me
40. Eight reasons I get out of bed to paint everyday are (Suggestions: Let’s be honest, I need the money. I’m OCD and can’t help it. It’s the best job a person could have. A day without painting is like a day without sunshine. I can’t stand the thought of going back to the 7-11)
41. And you heard writer’s block was difficult
42. How overcoming creative obstacles has made me a better artist
43. So I went to a tradeshow/convention/workshop and the best/funniest/saddest thing happened
44. It’s really hard to part with my originals; here’s why
45. Five reasons you will like the giclee prints I offer
46. Flowers in my garden make me smile and make me paint
47. If I wasn’t an artist, I’d be a…
48. Why faces are so difficult to paint, and hands are tough too
49. The most inspiring movie I’ve ever seen is…
50. How the arts organizations in my area are helping children/charities/??
51. Why you should always use a docent when you go to a museum. Here are some special things I learned at…
52. How reading the Art Marketing News blog has made me smarter, better looking, more creative and much richer

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  1. Hi, Barney. You captured my attention with #7, had me taking notes by #23, #44 stands on it’s own…. but by far #52 left me speechless!

    All joking aside, I love your blog and it is a great resource for Artists and anyone in the Art World. Thank you for this wonderful post!

    1. Hi Stephen, Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy the suggestions work for you. And, thank you for appreciating my sense of humor. 😉

  2. This is incredibly useful!
    Thank you so much for the ideas. I will definitely be using them!
    (And I will definitely be sharing where I got the ideas from!)

  3. This is great information. You are so nice to share your knowledge. I have just started my career as an artist. I have a new blog (a gift from my son) and a new website. Sadly I have not gotten any followers but I will keep trying. Again thanks for the information.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful list, Barney! I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and sometimes find myself coming up empty handed on topics to write about. These suggestions will help a lot. I’m so appreciative not only for this list, but also for all the advice on your web site and for your excellent books. All of them have been enormously helpful to me. Thanks so much for making such good information accessible to those of us looking to advance our careers as artists.

  5. This is one of the most valuable nuggets of information I have yet to come across as an aspiring professional artist! Thank you!

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