Change Your Life Links for Visual Artists #1

Success in art marketing requires being informed. Not just about the art business and how to sell art. It requires general business knowledge and personal insight.

Success in art marketing requires being informed. Not just about the art business and how to sell art. It requires general business knowledge and personal insight. You'll find some help on all those fronts in this post. My Google Reader has more than 1000 blog posts begging to be read.

Of course, who has the time to read them all? Not me. But I do have the time to scan the headlines for irresistible topics, (This points out the importance of writing blog titles that arrest attention.) Admittedly, the title of this piece was written to illustrate the point. I've set aside some of the more interesting and helpful topics to put into this post for yo.

I scan those articles because I have an insatiable curiosity that compels me to learn about new things. As my reader, you gain the benefit of my inquisitiveness. You will find below an eclectic collection of posts gleaned from my Google reader with subject matter, (Titles notwithstanding), sure to garner your interest and help you in your life and business. Enjoy!

LifehackerGetting Things Done with Google NotebookThis blog is a continuing cool compendium of the best ways to manage your life better, especially, but not exclusively, online.

Pick the BrainTen Ways to Instantly Build Self-Confidence Pick the Brain is a site with a wonderful collection of articles and help on motivation, productivity, self-improvement and much more.

Health Care Fine ArtInterview with Diane Spellman If you have not yet considered how health care and art intersect and what that could mean to you as visual artist, this article is must reading.

Fine Art ViewsGenerating Creative Business Ideas It's really good to see Clint Watson back at full strength blogging. The addition of regular contributing writers as with Lori Woodward Simons, who penned this insightful piece. By the way, Clint had a succint poignant comment on the previous post about the death of Blog Rush.

Ancient Artist: Developing an art career after 50The Value in Mini Marketing Sue Smith has emerged as a terrific artist and savvy marketer. I'm north of her in age and as such greatly respect her chutzpah, wisdom and all she brings to the art marketing conversation.

In a brazen bit of bragging digression, I recently completed an arduous three-week training program with a high tech marketing firm here in Arizona. (Had to get an RJ (Real Job) to bring my health care costs under control.) Despite having nearly 20 years on all but one of my 14 classmates, I was the sales leader at the end of the training which in the last week was nearly all sales calls. I smoked 'em all by an embarrassing amount.

I'd mention the name of this company, but then I'd have to put in all kinds of disclaimers which I'm not inclined to do. Suffice it to say it felt mighty good to put all the young hot shots in my rear view. You just can't replace life experience in many situations. It's been fun to be part of a dynamic fast growing company that is recognized as one of the best places to work in Arizona. Enjoying success straightaway makes it all the more fun

Copy BloggerFree Link Bait Report Brian Clark's blog is one of the most popular marketing blogs on the Internet. If you are blogging, you should be thinking about how to incorporate Link Baiting as part of your efforts and his free report will help you understand how to do that. If you don't know what link baiting is, you really need to read his report.

Art Licensing InfoDirectory of Illustration – Advertising Opportunity Tara Reed generously provides insights into art licensing from the artist's perspective. Her link to this directory could be invaluable to many readers of her blog and this one.

Mashable Reasons to Start CoworkingThis blog is an ambitious collection of all that's new on the Web. It updates multiple times each day, so it's really difficult to keep current with all it offers. The life, career and work of a visual artist can be a solitary and lonely way to make a living. Coworking offers a unique way to break out of that mode for artists and others who work solo. It is described as a global movement of localized mobile/remote worker communities coming together to share their otherwise independent work experiences.

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