MagCloud Is a Big Hit for Visual Artist, Linda Ott

None of this would have happened without your enthusiastic post about MagCloud. So I just wanted to thank you and let you know the impact your newsletters have.

MagCloud - Auto Parts by Linda Joyce Ott Like most folks these days, I find information, inspiration and ideas coming at me from more places than I can track, and with velocity that amazes me. There is so much good stuff, I do not have time to review or archive all of it.

Nevertheless, sometimes a source so inspirational comes along and I am compelled to post about it right away. Such is the case with MagCloud.

When I saw what it does and conjured its possibilities for visual artists, I immediately wrote this post: Publish Your Own Fine Art Magazine with MagCloud. I heard from many artists who also could see how they could use it in their art marketing efforts.

Linda Joyce Ott is an artist inspired by the post. Recently, she wrote to thank me for publishing the piece and to share how it helped boost her art career. With her kind permission to publish, here is her email with exciting news:


I had just signed up to receive your e-newsletter when I received the one about MagCloud. As an artist and photographer, it seemed like an ideal method for me to present my work in a
portfolio format. I liked that it was Hewlett-Packard, a reputable name, and
the fact that they would send me a proof at no cost, except postage. Anyways, I
checked it out and I’ve recently published my first issue Auto Parts! You can see it at

As well, I’ve lined up a gallery and will be exhibiting 15 of the photos featured in the e-publication during June at the Artword Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario. None of this would have happened without your enthusiastic post about MagCloud. So I just wanted to thank you and
let you know the impact your newsletters have.


If you have been looking for a way to spice up your art marketing efforts, take a look at using MagCloud. In the art business, it often is those who find unique ways to break away from the pack who help themselves the most. Should you be inspired like Linda and take the plunge with MagCloud, please let me know. For that matter, feel free to share any successes you enjoy that relate to this blog.

Special MagCloud Discount for Art Print Issues readers

Just after this posted, I heard from the staff at MagCloud. They liked this and my first post so much they want to make you a great offer. Read on to find out how to save on your first order with them:

Hi Barney,

We really appreciate yours and your readers enthusiasm for MagCloud.  As a way of saying thank you for the support we would like to offer you and your readers a 25% discount off off the production price of your/their first published issue from now through August 31st.

Just email “ARTPRINT” to [email protected] and we will make sure the 25% off discount is applied to your MagCloud account. The discount applies to the production cost, dropping the production price from 20 cents per page to 15 cents per page and is applicable to the first issue of your first magazine as a new publisher.

Thank you again for your blog posts and interest in MagCloud.

Patty Tulloch
MagCloud Marketing Director

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