You can always make a difference because there is no age limit on contributing value and it’s always a good time to do good.

— Barney Davey 

Mom was a talented artist and a schoolteacher who gave me a love for art and artists. To this day, knowing she put aside her painter’s ambitions to raise six kids as a widow motivates me to help artists.

This story picks up in 1988 on my 40th birthday. I celebrated unusually by starting a new job in a new city as a marketing executive with a multi-title magazine publisher. 

Decor magazine, the Bible of the retail art and picture framing businesses for 125 years, was its most successful title. That eventful day opened the door to thirty years in the art business helping visual artists.

Fast-Forward to Now. 

Today, at the age of 73, you will find me doing more to inform, inspire, and elevate artists than ever. My history includes helping thousands of artists with consulting, workshops, webcasts, and through:

  • Penning millions of words for my weekly Art Marketing News blog since 2005.
  • Publishing six bestselling art business books.
  • Producing dozens of online art marketing courses and webcasts. 

I believe that how I’m helping more artists more than ever now – and enjoying it – means something. My wish is my story inspires others to know it’s always a good time to do good and to do it.

I want people of all ages to know there is no age limit on contributing value.   

— Barney Davey 

Last year, at age 72, I launched two initiatives to help artists improve their lives and business.

The Art Marketing Toolkit Project (AMTP). 

The AMTP is a monthly membership program with a twist.

My idea for the AMTP is to simplify how I help artists learn to market their art. I found the easiest way to help them mine the decades of knowledge and value from my blogs, books, and courses was to convert the best bits from them into a library of essential art marketing knowledge workbooks.

The twist is simplified affordable-for-all pricing. AMTP has a single price point of only $4.99 per month with no contract because…

I Believe:

  • Accessing practical art marketing training should be affordable to all artists.
  • Low prices make a difference by helping more artists lead productive lives no matter who they are or where they live.
  • The more well-balanced and positively charged artists I can unleash as ambassadors for art and humanity, the better.

Five bucks a month is not much to most American artists, but it is precious for many others worldwide. Consequently, AMTP’s economical pricing and supportive artist community present a turning point potential for artists eager to learn and utilize art marketing regardless of where they live. 

Business Skills and Morale Booster Community.

Members can boost their art business by tapping the marketing knowledge base archived in the private Facebook group. They also benefit from the group coaching and practical advice they receive from members and me, which are free, extra valuable resources for them. 

Things get easier, and life gets better when you know what you want that’s truly important and work on a plan to get it.

Artists Know Yourself.

To gain purpose, I urge artists to be clear about their expectations for the art they make. Their honest evaluation helps them to make intelligent choices on marketing, business, and more. For example, some artists don’t need email marketing, a blog, or an elaborate website, and as such, shouldn’t bother with studying and implementing them.

  • Self-awareness steers artists in the right direction. More importantly, it saves them time, money, and unnecessary wear and tear on their psyche.
  • Clarity guides them to select what to learn, what marketing to do, and what tools to use. It’s a recipe for artists to keep their lives simple and enjoyable.

While teaching art marketing know-how is fundamental to how I help AMTP members, they also gain significant additional benefits. I’ll tell you about them in a minute. 

But first, please allow me to introduce my other initiative…

The Older Artists Facebook Group.

The Older Artists group’s singular purpose is to celebrate older artists by giving them an inviting, safe place to share their work with their peers. The overwhelmingly positive response and outpouring of love and respect members have for each other and their artworks are heartwarming. 

A testament to the group meeting its purpose is its phenomenal growth. With thousands of new members joining weekly, it already has 70,000 plus members in its first year with no signs of membership growth slowing. 

It Feels Good to Do Good.

The Older Artists group is a passion project without ulterior motive. I saw a need and an underserved audience and acted. Allowing no promotion, the group operates under the bywords of Grace, Gratitude, and Celebration, and with this slogan, “Aging is a privilege.”

Observing the ethos of kindness and respect in the Older Artists community and how the mature creative members enjoy sharing their art is heartwarming and rewarding personally. I’m positive the group’s spirit fuels its extraordinary growth beyond anything I imagined on humbly launching it. 

As Promised, Here’s the Rest of the AMTP Story…

The price of AMTP membership makes it an excellent value for artists seeking to learn how to market their art. Equally important, members receive encouragement and guidance to live their best lives – a benefit that eclipses financial success. 

Artists living their best lives operate in a holistic state of grace. They’ve got their mind and their marketing right. Aligning their expectations and potential is the way for them to be happy and productive and not just because all the cool kids are doing it.

Tips For Artists on Living Their Best Lives.

Gain awareness of what you genuinely want from your life as an artist. (The quickest way to know is to answer this question, “Precisely, what do you want to happen with your art upon completion?”) A candid answer allows wise decisions to flow freely. 

Perhaps a better way to ask is, “What is the journey you have in mind for your art once it is complete?”

The concept borrows from Stephen Covey’s Habit Two: Begin with the end in mind. Start with clarity by recognizing your goal. It’s how to move in the right direction with fewer distractions and straightforward actions.

The Value of the Art-Life, Dream-Work Balance.

For artists, learning how to achieve an art-life, dream-work balance is vital to living one’s best life. Use your insights to make good choices, recognize imbalances, and help turnaround or abandon losing situations quickly by pulling your ashes from the fire faster.

Working to live one’s best life is a gift that artists can give to themselves. Although it has uniquely different meanings, the universal result is artists enjoying well-balanced lives. I believe artists who live their best lives are empowered to dent the universe with a more significant impact. 

How Do You Live Your Best Artist’s Life?

AMTP members gain valuable intuitions to recognize their purpose for making art and their intentions for their artwork upon its completion. Their insights help them choose appropriate marketing strategies and tools. Above all, their knowledge enables them to maintain an art-life, dream-work balance. 

By understanding their authentic motivation, artists position themselves to make intelligent decisions about life and business. Self-actualization and acceptance build confidence in the choices they make and the actions they take. As a result, those who can become enabled to use their talents in profound ways to make a difference.

My Best Advice…

For artists, I recommend picking your spots well and permitting yourself to enjoy your best life on your terms as you choose to live it. You save much energy by focusing on what is vital to know and do. I encourage you to apply your knowledge to your advantage and share it generously as you go. Use it to make a difference.

There is no benefit to let regrets or worries fester over what others think or say or what could have been. Finally, strive to leave things better by giving back as best as you can.

I share my instincts and beliefs about living one’s best life as an artist with AMTP members. It comes in a bundle with a world-class library of art marketing information and practical advice. All artists are welcome to join. I aim to help members learn to live fulfilling lives and market their art with success. I’m confident my initiatives are how to do good and live my best life.  

If you are ready to do good with your artist’s life, please accept my invitation to become a member of the Art Marketing Toolkit Project (AMTP). At $4.99 per month with no contract, you have much to gain and nothing to lose.


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  • carlos Arriola says:

    I am mostly a pastellist. I have now 39 painting but never sold one. I did some very lowkey ad on fakebook
    lots of I LIKE IT but not one single interested. The prices are comparable with many other pastellists
    between 250 and 350$. Do you have a suggestion where and how can I sell one…just to keep me going and facing expenses of material.
    Thanks in advance for your kind answer.

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