Making art that sells is at the heart of successful art businesses.

You and I, literally all of us are on a journey. We are bound to move forward in life and our careers towards destinations either chosen or by chance. As with any journey, you are likely to get where you want to go if you have a guide to help you. That realization is behind my reason for creating the Fine Art Career Roadmap. It’s a guide that starts with making art that sells.

There is debate, and sometimes deeply held convictions, about making money from one’s art and making art that sells. To some, it feels like they are selling out.

Passing Along the Collective Wisdom

I’ve been in the business of helping artists get their work to market since 1988. As such, I’ve had the good fortune to know, work with, and learn from many successful artists, publishers, and gallery owners. To a person, each would agree success starts with making art that sells.

The collective wisdom I’ve gained from my experiences over the years is the essence of the work I publish on this blog and in my books and online courses. It is what I strive to share with you now.

Fine Art Career RoadmapThe Fine Art Career Roadmap is essentially a mind map that breaks down the essential aspects of creating a lasting and profitable art career. Due to its numerous items, the mind map became hard to read on a screen or printed letter-size paper. To remedy the situation, I turned the mind map into an ebook, which also gave me more space to elaborate on the points highlighted by the mind map.

Since we are all on journeys of our own, as mentioned at the onset of this post, it made sense to me to publish this career guide for artists as a roadmap.

How to Find Art Collectors: A Trout Fishing Analogy
How to Find Art Collectors: A Trout Fishing Analogy



A roadmap analogy works well to create both graphics and written descriptions of the content. Thus, was born the Fine Art Career Roadmap 2.0, which got its numerical distinction due to a previous version.

Useful Advice and Expert Insights for Your Art Business

This 2.0 edition is tightly focused and congruent with the steps and processes it takes to build a prosperous and lasting art business. I believe artists who follow the path as presented in the roadmap give themselves the best opportunities to grow a rewarding career.

There are many moving parts to any art business. Each one requires some degree of training, knowledge, and experience to master. While none require advanced degrees in rocket science, they do take an investment in time and study to get maximum value from them. That is why I chose to break up the journey into three parts. I call them Art Marketing 101, 201, and 301.

Making Art that Sells Is the Starting Point for Art Marketing 101

In Art Marketing 101, the focus is to BUILD. It is designed to help artists lay a strong foundation that can support a growing art business. Artists who master the components listed in the 101 level will find themselves capable of selling art without an email list, or a social media following. They gain the skills to help them generate cash flow more quickly than through traditional or online sales and marketing techniques. These are abilities that all artists, regardless of experience, can use now and for as long as they wish to make and sell their art.

Art Marketing 201 puts the focus on incorporating tools to multiply their sales and to automate those parts of their marketing that lend to employing automation. Finally, in Art Marketing 301, artists diversify their distribution through galleries, publishers, and licensors. They gain expertise in learning how to generate repeat sales and referrals. Moreover, they synch their marketing and operations to get full value from using them. When you follow this map and take the steps outlined on it, you are sure to boost your career for the long haul.

How to Find Art Collectors: A Trout Fishing Analogy
How to Find Art Collectors: A Trout Fishing Analogy



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