Making Fine Art Prints – Perspective from a Photographer

This post is to alert you to a series of blog posts on fine art printing from Brian Auer, a San Diego based photographer.

Whether you are making digital fine art prints from photographs shot with the intention of recreating them as prints, photographs or scans of original 2D flat art, or creating something wholly digital through the array of tools for such purposes, you still need a way to get the product of your creativity on some substrate, usually paper or canvas.

There are different paths depending on where you start in the creative process. For photographers, it's going to be different from painters. This post is to alert you to a series of blog posts on fine art printing from Brian Auer, a San Diego based photographer. This description is taken from his website:

Brian Auer is a photography enthusiast from San Diego, California. He's also the guy behind the Epic Edits Weblog. As a hobbyist photographer since 2003, his passion has been to constantly improve his photography skill set, to share his own knowledge with others, and to become an integral part of the photographic community.

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Brian is proof positive that one turned on person can make a difference. His Feedburner subscriber shows nearly 6,500 other enthusiasts share his passion for photography. To get that many subscribers, it takes more than passion. One has to impart knowledge, wisdom and insight in such a way that others want to tap into it. He serves a great role model for anyone looking to build a following, a Tribe, as Seth Godin accurately calls them in his bestselling book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.

To give his readers easily digestible amounts of information, Brian has broken his article on Making Fine Art Prints into four parts. I am sure you will find it worth the time to review his thoughts on this subject. While you are on his site, check out the rest of what he offers his readers. There is a reason he has a large following.

While what he offers in the way of advice and insight is solid, it won't apply across the board to every artist. Nevertheless, there is useful information in his series of posts on making fine art prints. Perhaps just as importantly, there is much to be gained from studying how an self-proclaimed amateur photographer can carve out a meaningful place against the Internet's constantly changing means of putting together like minded folks. Bravo to Brian!

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