Get Help with Your Marketing

You know how there is always stuff to do to put your marketing into action. Then you need to tweak once it’s in place. And, that’s when you face the curse of knowing you lack the expertise or the time, or both, to get things done.

So, you end up stuck or working with something that is ineffective and not the best for your business.

Much as you’d like superpowers, so you perform every necessary task to perfection that is not reality. Smart marketers learn to delegate. They know it’s the only way to achieve their goals. You can’t do it yourself and expect to stay on track and get the best results.

Don't Feel Alone. These Problems Pester All Entrepreneurs

You want to hire out tasks you perform that are necessary but menial. Things such as cleaning the studio, going to the Post Office or other errands, and packing and shipping are some examples of tasks you can pay someone to do for you. You must spend as much time as possible doing the things that create the highest dollar per hour revenue. That is how you will afford to hire help.

The solution is to hire a virtual assistant, get an intern, hire a high school or college kid. If you start looking you can find the help you need. Be patient. They are not going to do as well as you to start. Give them time and instruction. They will get things done for you.

What About High-Level Projects?

Some tasks require a high level of expertise. It's impossible to be a jack of all trades with expectations that you can be the best at everything you must get done to succeed. However unrealistic to try and do it all, it is what most artists and creatives do. And, unfortunately, they get poor results.

Working on things beyond their expertise is where so many artists get lost in the weeds. They think they can learn what to do, or convince themselves they have the talent to finalize tasks that are out of their skill range. You know how it ends up. You may have personal experience to prove it.

Ala Carte Marketing Services for Artists 

I don't pretend I can do it all. But, with more than 30 years of marketing experience, artists like you benefit from my range of skills. If you need help with getting these things, and more done, I'm here for you. Below is an example of ways I can assist you with your art marketing.

  • Copywriting
  • Sales and promo videos
  • Copy editing, including Artist Bio and Artist Statement
  • Scriptwriting for sales pages, webinars, sales letters and more
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Consulting

If you can use my help, we should talk. Book a free 15-minute video chat to discuss your needs and how I can match them. Go to to pick a date and time convenient for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price depends on the job. I'll do my best to meet your budget. Once you explain what you need to get done, I can give you a fair rate to complete the task for you.

My only interest is to help you and to deliver benefit driven results that will pay for themselves many times over. Let's talk about how hiring me will profit your art business.

Go to to pick a date and time convenient for you.