Milton Glaser Raffle Winners Announced

Milton Glaser - To Inform and Delight Thanks to all who responded to the offer to my blog post offering to register for the drawing to win a free poster signed by Milton Glaser promoting the new documentary about him: To Inform & Delight

I took all the names and put them in a spread sheet then used a random number generator to come up with three winners. Congratulations to David Morrell, Charlie Osborn and Maya Vivian. Maya won the Drawing is Thinking book, the posters go to the other names. Winners can look for their prize coming via USPS in the next two weeks.

Thanks again and regardless be on the lookout for this documentary coming to an art house near you. I heard from an AIGA member in Tucson. That chapter has arranged its own showing of the film. What a great way to get the folks out and maybe raise some money at the same time.

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