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How to Think Outside the Box with Mind Maps

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You are in a box, and so am I. Everyone you know is, too. The rigidity of a box helps us in many ways and hinders us in others. Your career is the one you made. You get the credit and glory. You also get to shoulder the blame. And, there is always help. It seems when you need it; you find it in front of you.

Of course, we don’t all get the same advantages or disadvantages. What we all get are choices. We have the free will to choose to do as we wish with our lives. Want to go live in Thailand? You can. It might not be easy. It might cause you and others pain and problems, but you can go. It might also be the most profound life-changing thing you ever do.

Often the things boxing us in are just emotions and thoughts.  For example, fear and insecurity are immobilizing to some – to some degree to all of us at times. But, remember, these are things you can overcome. They are not insurmountable objects. Hardly anything is when you have your mind set right and are motivated to make a change.

When applied, determination is much stronger than fear and insecurity.

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They are not insurmountable objects. Hardly anything is when you have your mind set right and are motivated to make change.  When applied determination is much stronger than fear and insecurity.

You have the power should you choose to use it.

Determination applies to your art career. You have within you the power to make it happen and mold it into the vision you have for it. I’m not saying that doing that is easy. It’s like life. For some, the road will be rocky and steep, while others travel a paved gentle slope. You don’t get to choose your path, at least your starting path.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. – Teddy Roosevelt

Use mind maps to break out of your box!

I believe. No, I know. Mind maps are one of the best free tools you have to use to help you break out of the box. You must know where you want to go because with a lack of vision and commitment any road will get nowhere fast. The smart, best thing to do is to understand your options. Then choose those that will further your goals the quickest.

if your dreams don't scare youMind maps are fantastic tools for breaking out of the box visual thinking. They provide the best way of visually recording ideas and information to and from your brain. A mind map makes a creative way to do note taking. It will turn notes into visual representations of your ideas and insights.

Below is a mind map I created using Xmind.  Along with TheBrain, it is one of my favorite mind mapping tools. I made this one with the central thought of “Selling Art” in about five minutes. Granted, I have already thought about this for decades, which made it fast and easy. If I were thinking of something less familiar, it would have taken more time.

Nevertheless, imagine if I were to spend a couple of hours on it, and get some collaborative help. This effort would produce hundreds of topics and subtopics. And, each of those could have notes and comments.

The result would be a fabulous, rich depository of ideas to organize, tap and use to make plans. They could become the foundation of actions I could take to help you start to make your career amazing. In fact, that is exactly how my new bestselling book, Straight Advice: How to Market Art Online was written and published is less than a month.

Selling art mind map


I could go on about how to use mind maps, their history and so forth, but I see no point is rehashing what’s done. Instead, you’ll find links to helpful posts and articles on mind mapping below.

Resources to Help Make Your Career Amazing

Mind Mapping Tools

There are many other free and paid versions. There is nothing wrong with colored pens and paper. Just do something.


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