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A recent email from Smart Marketer got my attention for several reasons. The catchy title, “FB Ads – 1 Big Mistake Almost Everyone Makes,” grabbed my eye because it is about Facebook advertising, which is a critical skill for digital marketers. Also, the email was from Molly Pittman. It is her first as the new CEO of Smart Marketer. I’ve been a fan for years because she shares her wisdom freely with personality plus. So, the double hook was set.

Molly Pittman Epitomizes Being a Phenom

I’ve followed Molly’s career trajectory for years. On a whim, she moved to Austin, TX, from her home in Kentucky to try a new life. Once there, she took an unpaid internship at Digital Marketer (DM). She did so well that only a year later, she was named VP of Marketing. For most, that would be extraordinary, but for Molly, it was setting the pace for what would come.

While at Digital Marketer, she co-founded the Perpetual Traffic podcast with Keith Krance and Ralph Burns. It is one of the best and most influential podcasts in the digital marketing space. After years of spending multi-millions on advertising for DM, Molly left to start a business to take on private clients and to launch It is a high-level course designed to train people on how to use Facebook and Instagram advertising.

One of her clients was Ezra Firestone. He is the marketing brains behind the Boom! By Cindy Joseph brand. If you are a female of a certain age living in North America, you have probably seen Boom! By Cindy Joseph ads on Facebook and Instagram. Ezra has been a guest on the Perpetual Traffic podcast, and Molly has often referred to her work with him on the brand during the podcasts. They spend an astonishing amount of money on Facebook and Instagram advertising daily.

Live Your Best Artist's LIfe
Live Your Best Artist’s LIfe

As I write this, I find Molly has given up the grind of a weekly podcast to give her more time for her CEO position at Smart Marketer. Her effervescent personality and ability to explain complex advertising concepts and methods plainly will be missed by me and tens of thousands of her devoted fans. You can take solace in knowing there are hundreds of podcasts with her on them, and they’re worthy of your time to listen to them.

Spending Millions to Build a Brand

Long before hiring Molly, Ezra wrote a post titled The Story of How I Turned 434,256.72 into 1,422,500.15 in 30 Days Using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, and Shopify, for his Smart Marketer business, which produces ecommerce tools and events to help marketers grow their business. The post is a fascinating insight into how a brand can be built in lightning-fast time.

Ezra’s success is also inspiring. He will answer those who ask, “Ezra, what’s your secret?” this way. I have several profitable businesses, a loving marriage, an awesome team, and a pleasurable, meaningful life. Well, here’s the thing about secrets: they’re usually simple truths hiding in plain sight.

Secrets in plain sight is a subject for another post. For now, I’ll just say Ezra is right, and that opportunity is all around if you stop to look for it.

Leaving DM was what allowed Molly to work with Ezra as a marketing expert. She brought her world-class experience and superb innate smarts to help him make significant changes and improvements to a business that was already booming if you pardon the pun. As is par for the course with her career, in what seems a blink of the eye, she’s gone from working as a paid consultant to ascending to CEO of Smart Marketer.

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There is much insight into Molly’s value when you consider Ezra was a phenom himself with a track record of hard-to-rival success as proof. It speaks volumes about his selfless ego and the value he puts into Molly’s capabilities that he would recruit her to work with him and then promote her to CEO.

Female Entrepreneurship on Display

You could say Molly is a wunderkind and you’d be right. But she’s more than that. Throughout her career in digital marketing, Molly has championed female entrepreneurship as she has embodied it in the highest order for her career. Whatever she’s done and accomplished, it is due to her work ethic, capabilities, and smarts. I’m confident to say no one ever gave Molly anything she hadn’t earned. And she rose to the top in a business dominated by alpha males, which makes her success more impressive.

Let’s go back to the email in my inbox from Molly. She is at once announcing her role as CEO of Smart Marketer and pointing to an article written about her in Forbes magazine. The title is, “The One Critical Facebook Ad Mistake Almost Everyone Makes.” I’ll tell you the one mistake and encourage you to read the article to get three simple, but powerful tips from Molly that will make your Facebook and Instagram ads much more effective.

Here Is the One Critical Facebook Ad Mistake

The critical mistake most advertisers make is they produce ads that look like ads. Facebook is a social platform. No one goes there looking for products to buy. Get on your buyer’s level and give them something that will pull them in because it seems exciting and not like an ad. It’s harder to do than say, but it’s what you need to do unless you like wasting money on your advertising.

Keeping with the female entrepreneurship angle, you should know Stephanie Burns is the contributing Forbes writer who penned the article about Molly. She is the founder of Chic CEO, a resource for female entrepreneurs starting businesses. Check out her personal brand site. It is a par excellence example of clever copywriting, as you can find. While you are reading Stephanie’s article about Molly, you will have a chance to subscribe to the ForbesWomen weekly newsletter from Forbes editor Maggie McGrath. It’s billed as Female Innovators with Tips and News to Supercharge Your Missions.

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Learn about art-related Careers.

Marketing Art

I’ve been an advocate of selling art online for years. It’s why I wrote, Straight Advice: How to Market Art Online. Today in our living in pandemic times, it’s the best way to get your art sold. Selling art is a people business. If you expect your art to sell because someone saw it on the internet, you’ll be disappointed. People buy the artist as much as the art. Separate them, and sometimes you have absurdity as Andy Warhol proved again and again with Brillo boxes and Paint-by-Numbers knockoffs. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are secrets in plain sight for you. They allow you to create connections that earn you the right to ask for consideration to buy your art.

What About Art for Art’s Sake?

I’m not here to argue art for art’s sake today, although I did pen a recent post titled It’s Time to Make Art for Art’s Sake because I believe in that, too. However, I don’t think it works as a concept when the goal is to make a commercial success from making art. You can do both simultaneously, but something will suffer.

When it comes to making art to sell, I say it’s your decision alone. As such, never let anyone else’s opinions about your motives or actions stop you from doing what you want and what is best for you. If it’s not criminal, it’s none of anyone else’s business how you make your art or sell it.

Advertising Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Facebook and Instagram are the greatest inventions ever when it comes to advertising. They make it very inexpensive to reach the most highly, tightly targeted custom audiences ever. There has never been anything like what you can do on those platforms.

For a few hundred dollars, you waste money to run a tiny fractional ad in the back pages of some throwaway print publication. Worse, you will have no way of knowing if anyone read it. By comparison, $300 properly spent on Facebook and Instagram will give you measured results you can test and improve. Getting 2x to 10x results are not uncommon, which means there is so much room to scale. There is no comparison in traditional advertising to the dynamics that digital advertising presents marketers.

Kudos and Many Thanks to Molly Pittman!

In conclusion, I’ll advise you to follow Molly’s tips as a great way to make your social media advertising work better for you. I’ll also say thank you to Molly for the countless ways you have generously helped so many people in the digital market sphere and in your personal life.

If you want to take your digital marketing to the next level, start by using the resources Facebook provides free. Do that to save money at first. That will get you smart enough to sort out who you might buy a digital marketing training from, or who to hire to run your campaigns for you. Or, do like me and thousands of others and start using the free resources from Smart Marketer, Digital Marketer, Perpetual Traffic podcast, and other quality operations like them.

PS. If you think all the success would be a cause for Molly to settle down, you’d be wrong. Amid so many changes, she up and moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands last year. Besides epitomizing being a phenom, I think that despite her relatively tender age, Molly also embodies a life well-lived. Way to go, Molly!

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Learn about art-related Careers.


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