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Despite the attention to social media by visual artists, many traditional forms of marketing offer significant help to sell fine art

Artist-Ione-Citrin-Newsletter These days, when it comes to art marketing, social media dominates the conversation. It is with good reason, many visual artists are finding new and creative ways to use tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to find new customers and sell art. Besides being a novel way to approach getting one’s art to market, social media is appealing because other than the time it takes to play, which is not trivial, there is no cost.

Your newsletter is a powerful art marketing tool

Despite the attention to social media by visual artists, many traditional forms of marketing offer significant help to sell fine art.  It wasn’t long ago in the art business that email newsletter marketing was a new way to get and keep customers. Although using newsletters has now past the novel stage, it is still a powerful tool to artists build and maintain momentum in the art market.

Get started building your mailing list now!

If you have not started a formal program of collecting both snail mail and email addresses, you should get started today. There are numerous email marketing services such as iContact, AWeber, Mail Chimp and many more. Each of them will provide you with links and sign up apps to place on your website, blog and anywhere you have a presence. You should do your research and get started today!

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A newsletter will help you tell your story better than anything you can do besides having a personal conversation with someone to let them know about your art and you. Artist, Ione Citrin, has been sending her newsletter for years. Her latest one, with an appealing and unique updated style, is a great example of how to do it right. Click here or on the thumbnail image above to see a full .pdf of her entire newsletter.

Many thanks to Ione who graciously accepted my request to show her newsletter to benefit you, my readers. I found it inspiring, I trust you will too.

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