Noah G Pop Puts Pizazz in ArtExpo New York 2008

Noah G Pop puts more glide in your stride, more hip in your dip, more zig in your zag and more cut in your strut

JeneartprintPop artist Noah G Pop rocked this year’s 30th Annual ArtExpo New York show, which took place February 28 – March 3. It is obvious he seeks to put more glide in your stride, more hip in your dip, more zig in your zag and more cut in your strut. In other words, this dude knows how to throw a party and have fun. That he manages to do it around promoting his art makes him just that much cooler.

When it comes to enjoying success in the art business, marketing and promotion are the twin synergistic generators that drive (AIDA) attention, interest, action and desire. Noah gets this in spades and that he effectively executes around making these waves as a SOLO exhibitor makes all he does more impressive.

Putting POP in Promotion, Party and Prints

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use

In Noah’s case, you find a confluence of terrific visual art and fun promotion creating a memorable experience for all involved. You can see for yourself, his party and attendant promotion pack as much punch as his art.  Both deliver on the promise of visual treat and stimulating exciting times.

His art is themed with the Pop influences of decades past, but as with any talented artist, he manages to make it current and specific to his artistic vision. It is no surprise he did well with his Jene NYC piece, shown here. It is hot, colorful, sexy, glamorous and fun. All the things one can hope to experience when attending ArtExpo New York.

The Fun Is Back, Let’s Hope It Stays

Noah singlehandedly managed put back into ArtExpo a component that has been missing for some time. And, I’m sure he did it on a budget that would put to shame some of the corporate or show producer managed invitation only parties that run on the sedate side. The history of the experience of ArtExpo was there were always happenings. You didn’t dare miss the show or the parties around it. The exciting open-to-all party element has been sadly missing in the past few years. As the show declined in size, it lost some of the zest that had made it special. Thanks to Noah G Pop, the fizz is back and the buzz around his art and his next party, which he already planning for next year are already in full swing.

Here is the content of his post-show email. Read it and you’ll see he hasn’t stopped having fun. And, while you are reading it, think about how you can put some fun of your own into your own art promotion:

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use

3 More Important Things I Want You to Know Direct from the Noah G POP Playbook:

Party_pics_2008ngplog_2 1)     First, I would like to thank everyone that attended my opening night bash at the Star Lounge and believe me there were a lot of you.  Our counter finally stopped somewhere north of 400 guests including artists, models, actors and a whole plethora of all-around cool people.  The vibe was definitely one of peace, love and FUN, FUN FUN!  I so much appreciate the support of each and every one of you.  Personal highlights for me included my Mom and Dad, my brother David, my sister Farrah, NYC Fashion Designer Grace Edwards, Iconic NYC Socialite, Philanthropist and Human Rights activist Zelda Kaplan, two of my favorite artists, world-renowned Painters Fabian Perez and Ford Smith and of course, it wouldn’t be a party without the Naked Cowboy.  Also, special thanks to Rob Base who showed up and performed his hit single, “it takes two to make a thing go right”.

Now, for those of you that missed it; DON’T PANIC!  I will be hosting an evening of art, music and modern dance at the Grand in April (details to follow) and believe it or not, we have already begun planning our opening night bash for ARTEXPO NY 2009 (seriously).  Cue the cocktail music!  Yes!  This one will be bigger and better (think skylight cruise) and YOU ARE INVITED SO SAVE THE DATE!!!

2)    I would like to thank everyone that stopped by my booth to look at my work.  Thanks to your support and interest in my art, we had another killer show selling at least one of each piece with the big winner being Jené NYC who now has 5 new homes.  Thank you, thank you thank you.

3)     I just saved a bundle on my car insurance!  I kid again.  I wanted to take a moment to speak to all artists but particularly my fellow SOLO artists.  Sharing your gift with the world can be a wonderful and magical experience.  It can be filled with excitement and joy but can also be stressful at times.  As someone that has personally experienced the broad spectrum of emotions that can accompany an event like artexpo, I applaud you for having the guts and the drive to share your art with the world.  For those of you that had a great show, I congratulate you and for those of you that would have liked to have a better show, encourage you to keep pushing, keep learning from your experiences and keep striving to share yourself and your art.

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use

With this in mind, if I can be of any assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or simply to bounce some ideas off of each other.  After all, we artists have to stick together.  Be on the lookout for Noah G POP Management in 2008.

I thank you for all of the support that I have received over the past year and of course, most importantly, Enjoy my art!

With much love and respect,

Noah G POP

For more information call 646.413.2366or email me at [email protected].  Friend requests at

Some other observations about this year’s ArtExpo

The final tally on its Website for exhibitors has a count of 467 companies. It’s possible there are more, but even with last minute additions, it’s hard to believe the exhibitor list came anywhere near the 600 touted by show management for the ’07 show. The number of blog posts about the show is down from last year too. Here are a few I found you might find interesting:

Manuela Valenti looks like she is making good on her ArtExpo experience. It looks like she used this video in her booth. Regardless, it’s terrific use of video to promote her art. Congrats!

Natasha Wescoat provides insight on her ArtExpo Las Vegas experience

Adan Lerma provides a running commentary on his experiences in 2007 & 2008 here

It’s great to see Noah putting forth his energy into ArtExpo. For all the show has suffered from changes in the marketplace, revolving ownership and other circumstances out of its control, it remains the single best place to showcase artists in the print medium. There is still no place like the Big Apple for such a show. The Las Vegas show last fall proved nothing can come close. Let’s hope the promise of young energetic talent like Noah G Pop and his contemporaries help revive the show’s sagging fortunes.

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use


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  1. Hey there art world….I’m a California artist reporting on being directly across from THE Noah G. Pop extravaganza at Artexpo New York. Noah knows…how to work it and he had the most amazing assistants in his booth that were stunningly professional leaving him to be…well…just himself! I had a very successful SOLO show at AENY too and loved the extra traffic Noah’s POW of a presentation created. Cheers Noah! Grrrreat party! You rock; keep it goin.

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