How to Get the Best Benefits of an Online Art Gallery

How to Get the Best Benefits of an Online Art Gallery

[Editor’s Note:] Visual artists these days have problems… First class problems. With so many places to sell their art, choosing the best online art gallery is a challenge. And, online galleries are just one of the many options artists have to get their work to market.

At times, it’s a daunting landscape to navigate. Here are the primary options artists have for distributing their artwork:

  • Direct patronage / Individuals
  • Galleries / Dealers
  • Online galleries / social media
  • Institutions / Corporations
  • Fairs / Shows / Auctions
  • Open studio / home shows

If you follow me, you know I am a huge advocate for direct patronage. I think it is the key to securing your career and long-term financial success. Being a realist, I know artists need other distribution sources to fill in the gaps and get all their work sold. Online galleries are an excellent way to diversify. They offer a multitude of options for artists.

John R MathToday, we are fortunate to have a guest post from John R. Math. He is the gallery director of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.

Domination of the Online Art Gallery

Online art galleries have taken over the art world, altering the business model for small to medium sized art galleries.  Online art galleries are here to stay, and artists should learn how to use them to market and sell their art.

There are several types of online galleries and using them has numerous benefits for the artist.

Print on Demand Online Art Galleries

These galleries provide a profile page followed by pages for the artist’s artworks.  The gallery acts as a “go between” for the buyer and the artist.  They print the artist’s work for the purchaser, which is how they make their money.

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Online Art Galleries that Market and Sell Art

This type of gallery sells the artist’s art and collects a percentage of each sale (much like a bricks and mortar gallery).  They do a lot of marketing and promotion to bring traffic to their website.

Online Art Competition Galleries

For an artist’s work to appear on these sites, it goes through a judging process. Often the selection of the art is the result of a themed art competition.

Online art galleries (in any form) provide artists with low cost and varied exhibition opportunities not available in the past.  “Bricks and Mortar” art galleries have built-in overhead and expenses that make them less able to compete with online art galleries regarding artist entry fees and exhibition costs.

Online galleries offer ease of submitting and managing electronic files versus physically shipping entire works. Using online galleries is both a time-saving and cost-effective for the artist.  Matting and framing, shipping, and storing are no longer issues.

The Internet offers broad international exposure to artists who compete, win, and exhibit their artwork.  This exposure can be tapped into by both “bricks and mortar” and online galleries. It is critical for any gallery that an artist partners with to make full use of available marketing opportunities.

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Choosing the Right Online Gallery

When selecting a gallery, be sure to ask about their overall marketing program.  Online galleries tend to have digital marketing expertise as their entire world is electronic, but not all galleries are the same.  As an artist, you want broad and quality coverage for your work.  What is your desired market?  While the whole world is available to you, partnering with an online art gallery that caters to those who like your art is essential.

Our gallery, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, is an art competition gallery. We conduct monthly themed online art competitions and art exhibitions. The higher an artist places in the art competitions each month, the more publicity and promotion the artist receives.

Artist’s work featured on the Light Space Time site is exposed to an average of 70,000 visitors and 225,000 page views each month.  The winning artists are promoted through art event sites, a 1,000+ press release distribution program and a listing on the website averages 2,000,000 visitors a month.

Our website has many articles for art marketing and promoting art on the internet. For more information on the gallery, their art competitions, and their art marketing articles, go to

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