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35 of the Best, Free Social Media and Online Marketing Courses

Marketing automation for artists easy expert help

Marketing automation for artists easy expert one-on-one assistance

There are plenty of places online where you can pay for social media and online marketing courses. Many of them are excellent. If you are hesitant, on a budget, or just careful with your money, here are some useful, free alternatives.

straight advice how to market art online shadowMinor fib. One of the listed online marketing courses is not a course. It is not free.

I included my new Straight Advice: How to Market Art Online e-book. You can grab it for only $5.99, which is the best price for it on the planet. The rest are free—at least as of today..

Some of the free, listed courses are from Udemy. It is a fickle site. It is known to change things without warning so no promise the classes will stay free. My advice is to sign up for them now to lock in the free rates for certain.

One thing that is for certain, if you sign up and take some of these courses, you are going to advance your knowledge. I’ve got a list of Facebook courses I’m getting ready for a future post. In the meantime, get started with your choice of these marketing courses. Your only cost is your time. And, you’d spend it on a paid marketing course, too.

If you have taken any of these courses, or if you do after reading the post, please take the time to comment on the quality and your perception of their value. We’ll all benefit from each other’s experience.

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Here they are:

  1. Academic Earth: Free Online Lectures and Courses for Marketing
  2. Alison: Diploma in E-Business
  3. Alison: Diploma in Social Media Marketing Course
  4. Constant Contact’s Social Media Quickstarter
  5. Convertkit Complete Guide to Email Marketing
  6. Copyblogger Internet Marketing for Smart People Email Course
  7. Coursera Develop PR Strategy in a Digital Age
  8. Coursera Introduction to Marketing
  9. Coursera Manage Your Social Strategies
  10. Coursera Marketing in a Digital World
  11. DS 106 – Digital Storytelling
  12. EDX: Digital Marketing, Social Media and E-Commerce for Your Business
  13. EDX: Reputation Management in a Digital World
  14. Get Drip 7-day Crash Course on Email Marketing
  15. GFC Learn Free: Social Media Courses
  16. Google Online Marketing Challenge
  17. HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Training Programs and Certifications
  18. Khan Academy: Online Digital Marketing Certification Course
  19. MailChimp Email Marketing Field Guide
  20. MIT Entrepreneurship Courses
  21. MIT Open Courseware: Entrepreneurial Marketing
  22. Online Marketing Institute: Email Marketing Courses
  23. Other Coursea Business & Marketing Online Learning
  24. Straight Advice: How to Market Art Online
  25. Udemy: Advanced SEO: Tactics and Strategy
  26. Udemy: Closing The Gap Between Marketing & Sales
  27. Udemy: How to Make a Cool Animated Demo Video for Free
  28. Udemy: Marketing on YouTube
  29. Udemy: Instagram Marketing: Quick Growth Hacks for Beginners
  30. Udemy: Marketing on Instagram
  31. Udemy: Marketing on LinkedIn
  32. Udemy: Marketing on Twitter
  33. Udemy: Video Marketing Scholars – Mini Course / Orientation
  34. Udemy: YouTube Marketing: Video Marketing Made Easy
  35. WordStream’s PPC University



Marketing automation for artists easy expert help

Marketing automation for artists easy expert one-on-one guidance and training

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