Orphan Works Act 2008 Gets Squidoo Courtesy of Making a Mark

Katherine Tyrrell has tackled the challenge of creating a viable repository of information regarding the Orphan Works Act

The abundance of information on the Orphan Works Act is enormous. It's a chore to try and get your arms around it. I recently posted some thoughts and links here to help you make sense of it.

Leave it to the inestimable and seemingly indefatiguable Katherine Tyrrell to come up with appears to be the ultimate resource for information on the Orphan Works Act. She has tackled the challenge of creating a viable repository of information regarding this festering worrisome bit of legislation. Plus, she has gone beyond the legislation and offers invaluable links to all manner of copyright issues for visual artists.

If you are new to the art business or have been spending too much time under a rock, you may have somehow missed reading her well trafficked Marking a Mark blog, her The Art Business – Resources for Visual Artists Squidoo Lens, or her frequent contributions on the Wet Canvas forums among other projects. I encourage you to review her work and know you will be happy you did. If you explore her blogs and lenses, you will encounter yet more of her contributions

Between maintaining all the above, she manages to have a career as an artist as well. I commend her for her efforts and energy. And, today she is to be commended for putting together the Copyright and Orphan Artworks – Resources for Artists Squidoo Lens. It is an exhaustive source of everything related to the Orphan Works Act. It is also a great example of how to use Squidoo to publish useful information with the residual effect of creating greater awareness for your business, blog and Web site. There is nothing wrong with that equation and no better example of how to do it than Katherine's efforts. You can't help but find inspiration for your art and your art business in her online contributions. 

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