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Discover the answer to, Posterity or Prosperity, Can Artists Have It Both Ways?, and why Empty Easel should be on your regular reading list.

From the first time I landed on Dan’s Empty Easel Web site, I was an immediate fan of the varied, valuable and interesting information he freely provides his readers. He writes a blog every Monday through Friday, which I can attest from averaging a couple posts a week for Art Print Issues, is a daunting task. Here is Dan’s published plan for Empty Easel:

From the very start I wanted Empty Easel to be a free online art resource for all art lovers and artists. My goal was to write realistic art advice for both new artists and professional artists, without any vague or confusing artspeak.

Dan succeeds at his plan by publishing a no-nonsense mix of useful, practical information on these varied topics: Art & Painting Tips; Art Articles; Reviews of Artists’ Work; and Selling Art Online. His recent overhaul of the site included inviting his readers to contribute articles for publication on the site. I jumped on the chance because I want to support his efforts and for the added motivation of Dan reciprocating with two links back the author’s site. The linking back is his way of putting into practice some of the sound advice he’s lately been giving on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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You will discover the answer to, Prosperity and Posterity in the Art World: Can Artists Have Both? on Empty Easel. Spend some time there to explore all the site offers and you will know why it should be a must on your regular reading list.

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