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I found it (Mag Cloud) offers unique powerful promotional opportunities as a marketing tool for artists, art associations and artist co-op’s.

Mag Cloud Domestic Etch Magazine I am certain part of my fascination with the MagCloud self-publishing concept is due to having spent three decades in the magazine publishing business. However, I am more enamored because it offers visual artists a new unique and potentially powerful means to promote themselves and their art.

Supports your social media efforts

It is true we are all aflutter with the prospects social media
presents us. However, it is still hard to beat the tangible aspects of
having a printed publication with beautiful images in one’s hands.

In these tough economic times, you can imagine many art publishers sought to cutback by eliminating costly catalogs. What they found was they lost business when they did. This realization should give you more reason and motivation to utilize MagCloud as a promotional vehicle. Properly executed, this tool offers a
great way to augment social media and stand out from the crowds there.

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MagCloud is a one-of-a-kind art marketing tool

Not surprisingly, I learned about MagCloud on the Internet, specifically from a Facebook ad. Being curious by nature, and because the magazine business has been so important to my career, I was immediately compelled to investigate MagCloud. I found it offers unique promotional opportunities as a marketing tool for artists, art associations and artist co-ops. The image above is the cover the the inaugural issue of Domestic Etch. It is produced by Elizabeth Goodspeed, a New York based graphic designer and artist. You can also find her on her Domestic Etch blog.

With so many things these days being fulfilled nearly instantly, I had to think through the comparatively lengthy process involved in producing a MagCloud publication. If you check it out, you will find the turnaround time between submission, proofing, and final order fulfillment can take four weeks or longer.

By traditional magazine publishing standards, MagCloud offers a relatively quick turnaround. Realistically, I think the planning,  writing and production stage could easily take four weeks or longer to prepare files to send to the printer. For me, after just spending a small amount of time on the site, I am convinced this self-publishing concept is worthy of the investment in time, regardless of how long, and effort for artists looking for new ways to promote their art. It is less costly than a traditional catalog, more impressive than a brochure, and unlike most other printed promo materials you find from visual artists.

Your fine art magazine will get the best results with a graphic designer

As with any creative endeavor, it takes talent and skill to produce something visually interesting and compelling. As such, I will strongly recommend to any artist who decides to pursue this opportunity that he or she enlist the aid of a competent graphic designer. Not only is a graphic designer likely to have more talent to create a better publication, he or she is likely will have better tools and knowledge to use them to get better quicker results.

As an account executive selling advertising space for Decor magazine for many years, I repeatedly saw visual artists make the same mistake. That is, they believed their training as an artist qualified them to create great graphic design. It is not the same training or skill set. Many times their self-designed ads lacked the pizazz and visual punch needed to get the best response. Besides, with you enterprising types, I see this as a wonderful opportunity for visual artists and graphic designers to collaborate so each gets promotional value from the effort.

Publishing your own art business publication is an affordable idea with great promotional prospects

Given MagCloud’s print-on-demand component, which offers great flexibility, low prices, and both one off and bulk delivery, this product looks like a sure-fire winner in the right hands to me. That it is part of Hewlett-Packard makes the product more viable and compelling. I am eager to see how readers of this blog respond to this opportunity. If you do create a publication using MagCloud, please let me know so I can publicize it here for you.

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