Here’s a Roundup of Recent Posts

Memorial Day Holiday Weekend Makes a Great Time for a Roundup!

For nearly all in the U.S., Memorial Day is a long weekend and chance to unwind with family and friends. Officially, it is to remember those who died in military service in the U.S. For some, like me, it is a bittersweet holiday.

Life Goes On. Memories Can Last Forever!

I vividly recall as a ten or eleven years old, attending Mass at the cemetery where my father was buried with my mother and family. Late May in the Midwest is a time of renewal with trees, shrubs and flowers blooming. The counterpoint of renewal of spring against the hollowness of death poignantly and powerfully struck me even then as a youngster.

I found Memorial Day then as now a loving way of remembering my parents, and their parents. There was something serene and surreal in those outdoor ceremonies, where amidst the beauty of nature, we tended our grief and honored our dead.

[bctt tweet=”The Memorial Day holiday is a time for me to remember and thank my parents for their gifts of life, unconditional love, and the appreciation of nature, art and ideas.” username=”BarneyDavey”]

Remembering Our Fallen Troops!

As a Vietnam era Army veteran, I extend my most heartfelt wishes and best thoughts for those who have lost a loved one due to military service. I go beyond that to offer the same condolences to all who are using this Memorial Day Weekend to remember any loved one lost.

Speaking of Renewal. This Is an Appropriate Time for a Post Roundup

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