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Selling Art Is the Heart of Your Art Business Success.

Email marketing for artists Steadily increasing art sales is how you make your business thrive. Among the many ways you can promote your art, email marketing for artists ranks at the top.

Selling art becomes easier and more reliable when artists uses email marketing. With steadily increasing art sales, your business thrives.

There is an abundance of art marketing tools for artists

Artists today have more tools than ever for selling art and to increase recognition,  and stimulate interest in their work. There are so many ways to market art, deciding what to do is difficult.

There is print advertising, publicity, press releases, direct mail, and other traditional methods. Then there are digital media such as websites, blogs, and email marketing and social media. No one will blame you if you feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what you should do.

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While I believe artists should use every tool they can to the extent they have the resources to use them wisely, the truth is getting every option working is not possible. To achieve outstanding results selling art, artists must choose which marketing tools they will primarily use.

Your email list is among your most valuable assets

Websites are essential, blogging is highly recommended, and both will help build your email marketing list. A workable email list is the best tool you have for selling art, and is a valuable bottom line asset to your business.

As a business and marketing tool, social media serves only one purpose for artists. It is digital networking. If you fail to understand the role of social media, it can become a colossal waste of your time, and money. Use social media to drive traffic to your blog and website where you can capture email addresses.

Driving traffic to your blog and website is crucial to selling art

Every one of your marketing tools should have the goal of driving traffic to your website and blog. Sure, they can multipurpose to help you earn interest in your work, traffic to gallery openings or shows, and many other things, but you need to include using them to help you build your email marketing list.

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