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Accomplish More in 90 Days 
Than You Do in a Year

If you worry about how to market your art… if you procrastinate on getting projects done... if you lose sales due to unproductive marketing… then this message is just for you. Here’s why…

Your success depends on getting important, urgent projects done fast and right.  Now you have a way to prioritize and complete your projects on time and on budget with expert advice and hands-on assistance.
getting things done

To make progress, you must improve your art marketing. You can't do that if you're not completing tasks on time, or at all. It means you need help. You know going solo on projects is super hard and getting results takes forever. 

If marketing is not in your wheelhouse, don't feel alone. It's the norm and more reason to get help. You will make real progress with expert 1-on-1 help. Use it to tackle your critical marketing projects. 

If You Ignore Improving Your Marketing, It Just Gets Worse

Whether you get help or go it alone, you face mounting costs and ongoing problems by sticking with inefficient marketing practices.

Three Reasons Why My
Hands-on-Help Works:

  1. Fresh eyes navigate avoidable blind spots.   
  2. Enhanced, new processes will compress your time to market and improve your profits. 
  3. Tapping my expertise is your multiplier. Let's shoot for 10x and see what happens.
artist it gets worse if you ignore it

BONUS: The benefits of learning how to build and manage an efficient marketing system:

  • Produces a steady, growing income.
  • Boosts awareness for your art.
  • Buys you more studio time.

An art career is a terrible thing to waste... especially when it didn't need to be. 

Here’s the Shocking Truth about Artists & My Business

You know how it sucks when you get excited about the knowledge and wisdom you gain from a book, webinar, or a course, but never do anything with it? It's happened to me and countless others. My experience motivated me to help artists overcome this huge stumbling block. 

Lead Magnet Collage

Massive Body of Work

In my 30 years of helping artists market their work, I have published six books and 600 blog posts, produced hundreds of live and online workshops, and dozens of online courses. The frequent praise and feedback for my work leaves me humbled... but... 

Things Could Be Better for Some Artists!

Despite providing artists with cutting-edge content and training something was not right. While many were thriving, others weren't. Sometimes, practical advice isn't enough. The problem is some artists need both useful information and hands-on help with implementation. 

I believe the reason for the different degrees of success among artists is the high achievers concentrate on... 


Of course, one must make art that sells, but steadily working on the right things in your business is what elevates and sustains it... And, you'll find top producing artists virtually all have help.

My Personal Experience on How to
Improve Business by Getting Stuff Done

I've been there. My initial success was a result of brute force and determination, which is not endurable. And, I also saw marketing techniques and technology evolving. To keep my business, competitive and growing, I knew I needed to embrace change and do something. 

I Was Going to Nowhere Fast!

Shoes Going Nowhere

It took forever to get my marketing plans working because — Does this sound familiar? — I overanalyzed everything, spun my wheels, started, stalled, stopped and got stuck. 

I saw change only after I invested in using Infusionsoft. It's a pricey, complex marketing automation program, so I don't often recommend it for artists. 

The only reason it works for me now is I hired a knowledgeable coach to help me. We strategized and launched successfully. Then, she worked with me weekly until I could manage Infusionsoft independently. I still use her for coaching and advice.

Living Example of the Power of a Jumpstart! 

It was a smart, profitable, decision to hire her! Her guidance made a huge difference to my business. It was an eye-opening experience into what jumpstart means! With her help, everything in my business changed for the better... fast!

If you're ready... I'm eager for you to enjoy a similar experience with me. 

An Example of a 90-Day Done with You Marketing Plan at Work

basic lead magnet sales funnel

basic lead magnet sales funnel

Recently, I ran a project with a small group of artists. Our goal was to get sales and marketing automation in use for them. In 1-on-1 sessions, we customized a marketing automation program based on their needs and strengths. 

Now they have an effective art marketing sales funnel. It's rewarding to see them growing their email lists and engaging subscribers with planned, meaningful content.


make your marketing as unique as your art!

We'll work together to identify your greatest need and make plans to get it done in 90 days. You can forget the worry over taking on employees, ongoing expenses, or long-term contracts. Instead, you get the right amount of advice and assistance to get things done fast. 

Together, we will:

  • Strategize and brainstorm to determine your top marketing priority
  • Set goals and make plans for completing them 
  • Identify, break down, and schedule all tasks to finish in 90 days 

We document the processes and agree on what needs to be done.  


90-Day Interactive Marketing Plan Suggestions

Here are suggestions for goals for your 90-Day Ninja Marketing plan.You may have other critical needs that need immediate attention, which is perfectly okay. We'll strategize to prioritize your marketing needs and develop plans to work your top priority first.

Then we'll jump on it!

email marketing for artists


  • Set up an email marketing service with autoresponder sequences
  • Produce opt-in forms and place them on your website, blog, and email signature
  • Create a lead magnet to use as an irresistible opt-in bribe
  • Put up to ten no-cost traffic plans in place to help build your list


  • Set up your blogging software on the platform of your choice
  • Add appropriate opt-in options
  • Strategize and create content upgrades for inline promotions
  • Develop a plan to create content consistently, including using the best tools and resources
  • blogging for artists service
    marketing automation services


  • Test your email marketing service for marketing automation implementation
  • Diagram your sales funnel flow
  • Segment your audience
  • Create autoresponder sequences
  • Additional Ways We Can Work Together

    • Create an ongoing 90-day content marketing plan
    • Social media and digital marketing systems
    • How to get into galleries, work with publishers, licensors and interior designers
    • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that breaks large goals into doable daily tasks
    • Anything you need that is within my skill sets to help you

    Who Is Barney Davey?

    Since 1988, I have helped thousands of artists find the best ways to get their work to market. They tap my marketing and coaching services, six best selling art marketing books, online courses, live workshops, and the Art Marketing News blog to fuel their success. 

    Barney Davey

    Barney Davey


    As Seen In - Featured, Published, Employed


    Bestselling art marketing books by Barney Davey

    Okay, I'm Interested. What Is the Next Step?

     The next step is let's talk. Use the button below to schedule a 30-minute online video chat. 

    I only have one requirement before you schedule a call. Thoroughly read the sections on pricing, and who this program is designed to help. If you're comfortable with things, let's chat!

    What Is the Cost?

    The cost depends on what you need. 1-on-1 coaching or quick implementation starts as little as $100. Full-blown marketing services over 12 months can run to thousands based on the complexity of your needs. All I ask is for you to keep an open mind on how our work together now will benefit your career both now and over the years. My goal is to make our work together the best investment you ever make in marketing your art.  

    This program is uniquely beneficial for artists!

    It's like you're downloading my 30-years of art business and marketing experience into your brain. You get personalized one-on-one implementation, training, and support. We'll create custom systems to market your work. You'll know how to use the programs and be able to train others. 



    “Thank you for the excellent instruction you provided for us sculptors at the 2017 Loveland, Colorado Sculpture in the Park artist's seminar. Because of your presentation, I was able to sell 60% of the sculpture that I brought to sell at the show.”

    j. richard white - sculptor


    “I've been an artist in two different mediums for over 25 years. I had some modicum of success. However, since  I've been reading Barney Davey’s books and joined the Art Marketing Mastery Workshop Facebook group I've learned more about art marketing and found tools that consistently work…Each time I utilize your training, I learn something, and go on to make art sales. I'm very grateful.”


    Jeff McCune

    You made my day! You've the first person to give me honest and unbiased perspective. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I love this course - best investment ever. I’m also really enjoying and learning from your brilliant articles about general salesmanship, motivation and art business planning on Art Marketing News, as well as the wealth of info on your Facebook site. How generous you are to share your vast wisdom and experience with so many! You are a great inspiration and mentor. Thanks again!


    Frances Velling

    I want to say thank you!! Your Guerrilla Marketing for Artists book blows my mind. It is THE BIBLE for artists, I have read nothing like it ever before. People have asked me how I sell so much of my art and I always told them through marketing and my website. Your advice opened a door for me to becoming a professional artist. There are many things I have never thought of that you present in your training.


    Before the course,I had a website for years but no eCommerce. I do now. Before the course,I had a Facebook Business Page but it was unfocused, un-promoted and undervalued in it's potential. Today it is cleaned up, focused and I am ready to tap that now!

    Before the course I had no Pinterest platform at all...not even an account. I thought it was for women only. Today I have the account, a focused and populated Thoroughbred Racing Board and I am ready to put it out there.

    Before the course, I had a Twitter account for a number of years but it sat dormant. Today I have awakened the account, opened my mind and made a serious commitment to find and follow like minded people and organizations (for marketing, professional and personal development).

    Before the course, I had a LinkedIn account for quite a years because I felt I needed one professionally. Today that account is lo longer dedicated to my technology background but it's primary focus is my Art Business.

    As I type this I am befuddled by the fact that as a former technology leader and as an artist that relies heavily on digital tools for media creation, I have spent very little time of my 3 years in retirement using those skills to more effectively market my art. That is until your Art Marketing Mastery Course really opened my eyes to the tremendous potential of these tools to get more of other peoples eyes on my work! Your course was a fantastic investment!



    I actually have been making my living doing commercial illustration, (I do most of the illustrated packaging illustrations for See's Candies, sweet little paintings of cute critters mostly, for over 30 years! and for other companies here and there.) I'm working on a bunch of projects right now, while my newly purchased pile of canvases sits over on the other side of my studio... WHILE I'm listening to your program... I'm listening to the second session today...

    You did it again.. I've never understood networking... but YOU've actually explained it in a way that I know I can do, answered my question about business cards, told us about the portfolio printing link .... that's all I can think of now... thank you so much, I can do this! I've been kind of overwhelmed with work but I'll sign on to your facebook group in a while.

    Why do I want to make a living doing paintings when I can do illustration? Because I'm the happiest standing in front of my easel, or drawing in my sketchbook, or sculpting, I have people who have collected my art in the past, and I want to satisfy my curiosity to see if I can make it on my own. I've been kinda overwhelmed by life for the past few years, and also valuing being quiet, outdoors, and learning things about Spirit that I didn't have the time to do when I lived in California with a million people and friends all around.

    You've already cleared up many of my questions. yay... thank you very much!


    Money Back Guarantee

    You can cancel in the first seven days and request a refund. If you have used any consulting or implementation time, not including your initial free 60-minute discovery call, during that seven day period, the hourly rate of $250 per hour will be deducted from your refund. After seven days no refunds are available.

    You can reschedule your allotted time to a future date if you have unforeseen issues keeping you from working on the project immediately You can assign your program to another artist who meets the criteria as discussed on this page. In order to transfer, you will first need the approval of Barney Davey.


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