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Social Media Decisions | A Discussion for Artists 

How Do You Use Social Media?

  • Is it possible to make a successful art career today without engaging in social media?
  • What social media programs should you be using?
  • Are you getting the most from the social media you are using?

These are questions we will be tackling in our newest hangout for artists. Jason and I have been doing podcasts for artists for more than a year. We have enjoyed the opportunity to present new ideas on ways visual artists can be successful in doing the podcasts. And, we always try to stay on top of new developments so we can pass them along to you.

Google Hangouts on Air Are the Future

One of those developments is we have switched our podcasts from the GoToWebinar format to the Google Hangout on Air format. This new broadcast will be the third or fourth with this new technology. We are guinea pigs of sorts by jumping in early with new things.

For those who watched last month, you saw I had a last minute issue with my broadcast tools and had to grab laptop to login to the workshop. It worked out okay, and just shows we are far from perfect with these new tools.  We think it’s more important to start doing than to wait for perfection.

Mishaps Are Opportunities to Learn and Grow

I think there is a valuable lesson in our mishap. That is, don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t worry about trying to be perfect. Don’t sweat it when you run into problems. Just be creative and do your best to have a backup plan, as with my webcam enabled laptop.

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The impact and importance of social media cannot be easily dismissed. Social media has become a part of the everyday online life of millions of potential art buyers. It can be both a boon and a huge distraction and waste of time for artists. Learning how to assess and utilize social media is a critical skill.




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