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Conversation Sparkers Course
for Artists! 

Because the best things in life and business spring from conversations.

$20 One-time. Lifetime.
Precious. Not expensive.

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Turn Your Art Talks: From Frightful to Delightful!

The "Conversation Sparkers for Artists" course is more than a collection of savvy tips designed to engage and keep conversations lively. It is a journey to self-discovery, intentional connections, and rich personal interactions. You'll learn to say and ask for what you need comfortably—in your own words—which is a great start...

But there's more, including potent side benefits...

Everything good that happens in an art career begins with a conversation. Now you can learn to make yours count naturally and comfortably. 

Are Your Conversations About Your Art Falling Flat?

If you feel like you're painting a masterpiece but speaking in stick figures, you're not alone. 

The Challenge Every Artist Faces: Talking about your art shouldn’t feel like a missed opportunity. Yet so many talented artists watch potential connections and sales slip through their fingers because the conversation didn't spark the interest it deserved. Sound familiar? Let's get this fixed once and for all.


I'm Barney Davey, your ally and mentor in the art world.

I've got valuable insights, tools, and tips to help you overcome feeling intimidated when initiating art-related conversations. Even if you're naturally reserved or introverted, you'll find this course is your steppingstone to confidence and connections.

I understand the struggles you face. 

I have spent years witnessing artists' frustrations and anxieties as I helped them navigate the ever-changing art marketing landscape.

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Barney Davey, artist ally

Never let a promising prospect slip away

Introducing "Conversation Sparkers for Artists."

You Can Transform Your Conversations into Opportunities 

3 Reasons to Unlock Your Art Talk Magic: 

Feel heard, understood, and valued. 

Learn to confidently share your art story and connect with people who genuinely appreciate your work—no more awkward silences, just genuine conversations that build meaningful connections. 

Gain the confidence to shine. 

Overcome self-doubt and express your unique artistic vision with clarity and passion. You got this! This course helps you find your voice and share it with the world. 

Open doors to exciting opportunities.  

Discover how to naturally guide conversations towards sales and collaborations that align with your artistic goals. Imagine attracting clients who resonate with your art! 

Enhance your art talks with easy, effective tips. Remember, great things start with great conversations. JOIN TODAY!

Why Artists Love Conversation Sparkers


  • Insights, exercises, and examples—everything you need.
  • Practical advice, tips, tools, and inspiration.
  • One-time. Lifetime. Precious. Not expensive.

it's simple. You only need an email address.

  • No passwords or logins to remember or software, apps, or social accounts to manage. 
  • Learn to modify examples to converse naturally in your own words.
  • Knowledge bombs are delivered straight to your inbox.


The simplicity, affordability, and efficiency of Sparkers in enhancing communication skills make it a favorite among artists. Mixing tailored personal insights with completing practical exercises is how this course equips artists to have natural conversations with anyone. And they are the foundations of the enriched personal interactions we all have that fuel our creative collaborations in life, art, and business. 

Start Today Learning How Use Conversations to Captivate and Convert Prospects into Sales!

Because the best things in life and business spring from conversations.

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"Conversation Sparkers for Artists" is a tremendous value...

a Single Conversation Can Change Your Life

For the price of your favorite coffee and breakfast snack, you can unlock a lifetime of knowledge with this course. Transform your coffee break into a powerhouse of learning and growth! ☕📚

$20 One-time. Lifetime.
Precious. Not expensive.

 Let's make this the most profitable $20 you ever invest in yourself and your business.

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My Why and Why the Price?

Conversation Sparkers for Artists is the first in my new Artist Advocate Series. It's my legacy project, a way to give back to the art community that has served me well for decades. As such, I'm more interested in reaching more artists than charging high prices. Besides, I'm enjoying the challenge of constructing an affordable email course that delivers so much value in simple, elegant ways.

The next Artist Advocate Series topics will be as unique and individually personal as this one. The fact that I can deliver something to artists with so much potential goodness for only $20 makes me happy and proud. It's a personal effort to push back against high prices for everything else these days. 💐😎     

When You Invest in Yourself. The Payoff Is Huge and Rewarding 

You will reap benefits by giving each lesson an hour of your time. It's an investment in yourself that is guaranteed to improve your communication, conversations, and perspective on life and business. The residual effect of your improved interpersonal skills will benefit you for a lifetime.

I suggest you schedule a return to the course in six months or a year. Revisiting the content after you have used some of it in the field will be eye-opening and massively beneficial to your growth.  

Relationships Matter

Who you know is a huge factor in your success as an artist...
and you have much more control over that than you realize.

Everybody needs somebody sometimes.

Whether seeking gallery representation, negotiating with shows and exhibitions, or getting into schools and grants, you engage in many vital conversations that directly affect your career. This course helps you manage those talks to your benefit.

Everybody needs somebody sometimes 500x500

Conversations and communication with your connections form the foundation of relationships.

You will discover that being intentional about what you need, who can help you, and how you connect with them transforms everything. Your mindset, confidence, interactions, and outcomes will all improve.

When you choose making intentional connections over hoping your random contacts pan out, you stack the odds in your favor. Besides, artists don't have the time or money to chase unqualified prospects.

Conversations create connections. And connections naturally evolve into relationships that become patrons, buyers, and fans.

$20 One-time. Lifetime.
Precious. Not expensive.

Start today! Make this the most profitable $20 you ever invest in yourself and your business. 

What's Inside the Course?

Unlock These Insights:

  • Crafting Your Art's Story: Learn to share compelling narratives that captivate and engage.
  • Questions That Open Doors: Master the art of inquiry to keep conversations flowing and intriguing.
  • Overcoming Conversational Roadblocks: Strategies to navigate tricky discussions with grace and confidence.
  • And much more…

Special Bonus: The Power of Visualization

Amplify Your Learning: Discover how visualization techniques can enhance the effectiveness of each lesson, embedding these skills into your subconscious for automatic retrieval when you need them most.

Your Best $20 Investment Ever!

What You'll Gain:

  • Lifetime Access: Revisit the course anytime to refresh your skills.
  • Direct to Your Inbox: No logins. No passwords. Just pure value.
  • Priceless Results: For the cost of a few art supplies, unlock the potential to significantly impact your art career and sales.

Here are pertinent points about the course, conversations, and goals. 

  • You don't need to shock someone to take control and change the subject. Just know where you are going. Having your words ready to assist you is the trick.  
  • This course equips you with tools and strategies to confidently guide art conversations toward your goals, even when you feel on the back foot. 
  • Goals are fluid. Agendas are rigid. Goals give you latitude in how you meet them. Set your intentions as goals, not agendas.  

Don't wait until the "right time," or you have "nothing to lose." Use what you learn to motivate you to seize every opportunity. That's how to turn the tide. Enroll now and discover the exponential power of intentional connection and communication in life and business!

Bonus: This wisdom benefits relationships across your life and business.     

Potent side benefits

By arming yourself with materials from this course that you form into your words and concepts, you'll have fallback material to use instead of hoping in critical situations that you brilliantly say the right thing—intentional beats random every time. 

Want to know the best part?

When you embrace the course to learn about infusing your conversations and communications with your intentions, other forces move in your favor. The act of working with the course material taps you into the course's most potent side benefit. One that packs long-term benefits for you as it inevitably spills over into your life in the best ways. 

Simply put, the exercise of setting intentions manifests you into a positive headspace. And you have the power to transform it into something special and unique to you. It's up to you and I hope you do. 

Nothing but unlimited success and fantastic conversations! That's my wish for everyone who takes the course.

$20 One-time. Lifetime.
Precious. Not expensive.

Let's make this the most profitable $20 you ever invest in yourself and your business.

Why This Course Is Fantastic for Artists 

"The best things in life begin with a conversation."

You get a "just right amount" of ten impactful lessons when you join. They come from my experiences in high-ticket advertising, trade show sales, and 30 years of art marketing consulting and publishing. Each lesson is a standalone gem designed to help you master the art of conversation in unique and practical ways. 

For the cost of a gourmet pizza or a good burger and a beer, Conversation Sparkers will improve your connections while boosting your career and confidence. It's a tiny but incredibly powerful and lasting investment, and it's a gift you give yourself that keeps on giving!

  • The course will improve your engagement skills and help you keep your conversations going and on point.
  • The methods are free to use and don't require any tools or tech.
  • You'll become better prepared to interact normally with family, friends, fans, buyers, patrons, galleries, schools, shows, sponsors, curators, journalists, influencers, etc.
Barney Sparking Conversations at Dana Point

Course creator Barney Davey sparking conversations at Dana Point, CA (see bio below.) 

Most people don't think about what they want from their conversations. Being self-aware and trained to make your talks and communication work better for you is tremendously helpful in getting what is realistically yours. You'll use your conversational skills to keep the focus on what matters most to you.  

Artist Advocate Project: Empowering Artists with Affordable, Impactful Learning

After three rewarding decades in the art business, I'm giving back by launching the Artist Advocate Project. My mission is to blend hard-earned experience and industry knowledge into high-value, impactful courses delivered affordably and efficiently to visual artists. The $20 price proves the point that precious things don't have to be expensive.

I'm excited to offer you this streamlined, impactful email course. There are more on the way in my Artist Advocate Series. Stay tuned for updates on this ongoing and exciting journey!

$20 One-time. Lifetime.
Precious. Not expensive.

Let's make this the most profitable $20 you ever invest in yourself and your business.

Barney and Petey

Barney with Eggnog and good ole Petey, the best dog!

About Barney Davey:

I've proudly published the blog weekly since 2005. 

I love coffee, dogs, anything mint, and a good joke. My beautiful wife, Mary, is my best friend. For more than 30 years, I've had the honor and pleasure of helping artists and creative entrepreneurs develop marketing plans and strategies.

Producing affordable courses like this that deliver incredible value and easily accessible practical advice gives me great joy. Being an artist is hard enough, and you deserve a break today. Offering helpful, value-laden courses through the Artist Advocate Project is my way of giving back to the art community that has supported me for decades.

PS: Welcome to the bottom of this sales page. And thank you for reading this far. I predict those who get here and take the course will use it to enable greater success with it. I can't wait to hear about how one of your personalized conversation sparkers turned magical for you. You got this!