Awkward Silences... and more.
Guide your conversations with art talk secrets.

Practical advice on how to turn art talks into engaging conversations.

Spark Meaningful Connections, Ignite Your Art Career Success!

Feeling unsure about talking about your art? Do you sometimes feel your passion for your art gets lost in jargon and uncomfortable pauses? You're not alone.

Regardless of experience level, many artists struggle to translate their vision into captivating conversations that open doors to opportunities.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

No more awkward silences! Master the art of talking about your art. Turn connections into sales & ignite your artistic success.

  • Conversation Sparkers for Artists is your secret weapon for turning your art talks into confident and engaging conversations, naturally in your own words.
  • Being clear about your desires and practicing how to express them enhances your skills in navigating conversations in your favor. 🌟
  • There are three helpful Special Bonuses for a limited time. Includes a mini-course to boost your learning, a cheat sheet to refresh art talks on the fly, and more. 

Master the Art of Connecting

Barney Davey - Course Creator

Dear Artist Friends,
I created this course because I believe...
"Everything good that happens in an art career begins with a conversation." 

Barney Davey - veteran art marketer and course creator

Apply Conversation Sparkers for Artists 3-Step Logic to unlock its magic:

  1. Know what you want and say it clearly. Learn to express your artistic vision in your own words confidently. No more fumbling or missed opportunities!

  2. Turn conversations into connections. Discover how to spark engaging dialogue, ask insightful questions, and navigate any interaction gracefully. Improving your communication stimulates positive residual reactions in your network and collaborations!

  3. Open doors to exciting possibilities. Master the art of guiding conversations toward sales, collaborations, and exhibitions that align with your artistic goals.

Don't Wait to Ignite Your Success:

Enroll in Conversation
Sparkers for Artists Today

Learn how to express your artistic vision and spark meaningful conversations confidently. Enroll Today!

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More than just a course:

Conversation Sparkers is an investment in your personal and professional growth. Making good conversation eases relationships that will take you far in life and business.

For the price of a casual meal, you get a powerful learning opportunity delivered with effortless email efficiency. No login, password, or platforms.

10 Impactful Lessons 

Packed with practical tips, exercises, and real-life examples from my 30+ years in the art business and high-ticket advertising and media sales.

Direct-to-inbox Delivery

No social media, communities, or platforms; just pure knowledge delivered directly to your inbox, ready to be absorbed, put into action, and revisited anytime.

Universal Application

Whether you're a seasoned conversationalist, introverted, or just starting, these tips and tricks will significantly improve your interactions in and outside the art world.

Relationships Matter:

Who you know and how you talk to them is a game-changer. You have more control over how you meet and what you'll say than you realize.

  • You are encouraged and capable of using your conversational skills to make intentional connections with people in your best interest—and theirs. Compared to hoping for results from expensive, confusing, and random mass marketing, it focuses on achieving your dreams through quality contacts.    
  • The confidence you display by being prepared to converse is a little hinge that swings big doors both ways. That’s because when you feel confident, your patrons and prospects feel it too. And that's where the magic happens.  
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Tanya B.

Wildlife Conservation Artist, Minnesota

"I recently took the 'Conversation Sparkers for Artists' course, and it provided a valuable new perspective on promoting my work. The course encouraged me to prioritize building connections, and within weeks, I had a chance conversation with a fellow artist that led to a gallery referral! Now I'm preparing for a solo show this spring and learning new skills to present my artwork. Thanks to the course, I feel more equipped and excited for this opportunity!"

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3 Helpful Bonuses for a Limited Time When You Join Now!

Special Bonus #1: The Art Talk Secrets Mini-Course

Struggling to talk about your art in a way that captivates viewers? We get it!

The Art Talk Secrets Mini-course equips you with powerful, yet simple, tools to:

  • Uncover the stories waiting to be told within your art.
  • Gain the confidence to share your artistic journey with ease.
  • Learn to answer questions thoughtfully and effectively.

Special Bonus #2: The Instant Conversation Starters Memory-Jogger Cheat Sheet.

The "Instant Conversation Starters Memory-Joggers Cheat Sheet" is a downloadable JPG you get when you enroll in Conversation Sparkers for Artists. This always available quick reference guide includes:

  • Icebreakers that start conversations effortlessly.
  • Guidance prompts that highlight your work.
  • Value-driven questions to showcase your art's uniqueness.
  • Closing prompts that encourage further engagement.

    This mobile-friendly, memory-jogger helps you communicate your vision confidently.
Art Talk Secrets Mini Course
Instant Conversation Sparkers Memory Jogger Cheat Sheet (400 x 518 px)

Special Bonus #3: The Power of Visualization to Amplify Your Learning.

This bonus lesson is delivered as the first lesson so you can learn how visualization techniques will substantially enhance the effectiveness of your "Conversation Sparkers" lessons. Using the technique helps you embed these skills into your subconscious for automatic retrieval when you need them most.



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