From pricing to portfolio, Jason showed me step by step, how to pull together what is needed for a very professional application for gallery representation. I’m thrilled to say, that I am now represented by three different galleries, in three states!

— Carol Iglesias, Artist, Virginia

Unlock Your Art Business Potential: Why Jason Horejs’ Webinar Is a Game Changer

As a seasoned art marketing expert who has navigated the ever-evolving art market for decades, I’ve seen the struggles and triumphs of countless artists. While I continue to share my knowledge through my weekly “Art Marketing News” blog and various books, I always yearn to do more—to supply artists with the tools and guidance they need to thrive, not just survive.

I’m excited to share my experience with Jason Horejs’ “Starving” to Successful: How to Get into Galleries and Sell More Art 4-hour On-Demand Power Course. I am an affiliate, but this endorsement is primarily a testament to the passion that Jason and I share for uplifting artists and to our bona fide friendship forged through years of collaboration and mutual admiration.

I include myself when I say that, as members of the art business community, we’re lucky to have Jason share his considerable wisdom and goodwill. As with thousands of artists, he’s taught me many valuable lessons.

Besides being whip-smart, Jason is genuine, approachable, and caring.

These are the traits that make him an ideal mentor.

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Learn from the Best and Most Successful

When you think about it, it is pretty impressive that one person can run a successful gallery for decades on Main Street in Old Town Scottsdale—one of the most competitive retail art markets—while simultaneously creating, producing, and marketing the Art Business Academy nearly singlehandedly, writing books, and creating this 4-hour webinar! But that’s Jason. He is diligent and resourceful and impressively applies his decades of experience to all he does, including his workshops.

I hope you get what I’m saying because…

My advice is simple but powerful.

If you want to learn the best way to do top-priority life and career-changing things, find the most successful person you know to teach you…

Then you will help yourself immensely by getting Jason’s “Starving” to Successful: How to Get into Galleries and Sell More Art 4-hour On-Demand Power Course. It is the best guidance I can give you, and it’s infinitely better than going it alone.

A Shared Vision, a Proven Track Record

Having known Jason since our first author meetup in 2008, I’ve witnessed his unwavering dedication firsthand. He and I were pioneers in video podcasting 15 years ago. What was true then still holds today. Jason’s personalized instruction and successful outcomes set his training apart.

The course’s robust curriculum enables artists to build sustainable, fulfilling careers. Witnessing artists secure gallery representation, connect with passionate collectors, and experience a surge in sales is truly inspiring.

However, the most significant change is in the artists themselves: they gain the confidence, knowledge, and roadmap to navigate the art world with purpose and clarity.

Here’s What You Learn from Jason’s Jam-packed Webinar

  • How to create a consistent body of gallery-ready work
  • What you should do to present your work in a manner that will appeal to galleries
  • How to price your work
  • How to organize your work and track your inventory
  • How to best allocate your marketing efforts and dollars to getting into galleries
  • How to build your resume
  • How to pick the best markets for your work and how to find the galleries in those markets that would best suit your work
  • How to confidently approach galleries and what to say when you meet the director or owner
  • and much more

A Personal Endorsement

My relationship with Jason and my professional art marketing background give me a unique perspective on the value of Jason’s training. Having witnessed Jason’s dedication and expertise in mentoring artists, as well as our collaborative efforts to educate the art community, I wholeheartedly recommend this “Getting into Galleries” on-demand workshop to any artist looking to advance their career.

As artists navigate the challenging waters of the art market, the “Starving” to Successful: How to Get into Galleries and Sell More Art 4-hour On-Demand Power Course emerges as a beacon of hope and a source of comprehensive learning. My endorsement of the course is based on over a decade of collaboration with Jason Horejs and a thorough understanding of the art industry. The training guides artists through a process of growth and success. It is time to realize your artistic potential and build a successful career.

”Using Jason’s strategies, I started approaching galleries two months ago and had a positive response from five galleries within the first week. So far, I have signed up with two excellent commercial galleries in my key region, and one of them will be hosting a solo show of my paintings later this year.”

Karen Richardson
Artist, Ontario

Have you ever wished someone would come along who understood your concerns about getting into galleries and could demystify the process for you? Then your wait is over? Your ideal mentor is awaiting…

“Starving” to Successful: How to Get into Galleries and Sell More Art 4-hour On-Demand Power Course

Don’t let this be just another inspiring article. Take action today and start your journey to creative freedom!


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