Successful Art Careers | Warm Art Marketing | Part Eight

warm marketsIf you depend on marketing to strangers before your warm art marketing, you are adding degrees of difficulty to your art marketing efforts.

Are You Working Your Warm Art Marketing?

How much of your art sales come from your warm market? If you don’t know, it’s a sure bet the answer is not much.

If you depend on marketing to strangers to first develop awareness about your art and you, and then build interest and desire to own your work, you are adding degrees of difficulty to your marketing efforts.

Don’t Get Hooked on Marketing Just to Strafrangers

In a post here last January, I coined the word, “Strafranger.” I use it to describe all the friends , followers, likers and other such social media platform terms for describing your digital relationships with people.

Word-of-mouth Trumps Social Media

Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is true value in digital relationships, and know that in some cases they can blossom into actual real, live friendships, business acquaintances, and devoted fans. I just don’t advocate chasing them as your primary source of new business.

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Make Social Media Sales Icing on Your Cake

Social media should be the icing on your art marketing cake

While these kinds of relationships are worth pursuing, I think they should be the icing on your warm art marketing cake. Ask yourself how many people you know among family, friends, acquaintances and personal business contacts.

The average person has somewhere around 250 people in their circle. Yours could be larger or smaller, it doesn’t matter because you can easily expand it.

Thinking deeper about your warm market circle, ask yourself how many own your art. How many in your circle know you are an artist? Among those who do know you are an artist, how many have you given marketing materials and asked them to share with their circle?

An Extensive Warm Art Marketing Plan Makes the Best Art Career Foundation

Warm marketing is not just about who you know, it’s about the people in your circle know, and then extending to your exposure to contacts in the third circle. Exponentially, the numbers are staggering. You only need a fraction of a percent as buyers to sell all the art you can make. If you are persistently marketing to total strangers and online strafrangers without first marketing right in your own backyard, you have put the cart in front of the horse.

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In today’s market conditions, you need to be as self-reliant as possible. I can’t think of a better way to lay a solid foundation than to use your contacts in your warm market to help you further your art career. I cover how to go about this with class, integrity and results in my Art Marketing Mastery Workshop.

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