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5 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Art

5 reasons why people don't buy art

Understanding Why People Don’t Buy Art Is Not Easy. Do you really know why people don’t buy art? As an artist who sells art, you gain fresh insights into the reasons people buy your art. This part is easy because they let you know. You can review the history of your sales and learn from […]

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Five Ways Daily Blogging Provides Added-value to Your Art

The Muse by daily art blogger Jimmy Kelly

Delivering added value to art lovers via your words. It is human nature to desire added value for the exchange of money, including art collectors. When someone buys your art, for example, it is a purchase that is more than just the physical artifact. The collector is buying into a conversation. The conversation begins between the art […]

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What Makes People Buy Your Art?

What really makes people buy your work? It’s an age-old question, “What makes people buy your art?’ Editor’s Note: Guest post author, Chris Davies, offers a unique a perspective from a unique locale on the reasons behind art buyers’ motivation. Finding out how to sell your art is an essential milestone for any artist, yet […]

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