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Five Ways to Boost Your Art Career

Discover Practical Advice to Boost Your Art Career. I launched this blog in 2005. Since then I have published nearly 600 art marketing and art business articles. Here are select posts from five broad categories you can use the ideas in any of them to inform and inspire you to boost your career and make more money. […]

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Kickstarter Art Project Success Story

Learn how Tina Mammoser’s Kickstarter art project hit stretch goals. [Editor’s note: I have known Tina Mammosera and admired her art and her numerous contributions to the art community since meeting her on WetCanvas.com many years ago. In this guest post, she shares insights and details on her encouraging, remarkable story of how she successfully managed […]

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5 Reasons Why Selling Art to Interior Designers Rocks

Selling art to interior designers will boost your career. Here’s how: 1.            Stress-free, quick sales 2.            Get paid immediately 3.            Curriculum vitae or resume not required 4.            Top interior designers are repeat buyers 5.            Easy to find and approach If you are in the business of art, meaning you set […]

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