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21 Resources to Boost Your Art Career

Art Marketing Gifts for Visual Artists Giving gifts is a big part of the Holiday Season.  In a sense, I think of the art marketing ideas, information and inspiration I produce in my blog posts, podcasts and webinars throughout the year as gifts for artists. This Post Is My Holiday Gift to You. Below is […]

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Visual Arts Careers | Good News and Bad News

Your Visual Arts Career Is One-of-a-kind. Your vision and the way you make your art is part of what makes your visual arts career unique on a microscopic level. Conversely, you are part of a macroscopic group of artists who create an impressive abundance of fine art such as paintings, sculpture and fine art crafts. Here […]

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What Guides Your Fine Art Career?

You Cannot Meander into Fine Art Career Success. Don’t become a wandering generality, be a meaningful specific. ~ Zig Ziglar In a fine art career, how does one keep from becoming a wandering generality and instead be a meaningful specific? I believe it takes vision, goals, self-belief and action. Vision is your future imagined. Your […]

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