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Benefits of Slight Celebrity

Succeed with a Small, Loyal Tribe. (Editors’ note: This is a repeat of a very popular post from the Successful Art Careers series. Look for new original content next week.) Study the lives and work of most visual artists and you will find they on average create 1,000 originals in their lifetime. While the math […]

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Art Career Success Killers | Self-limiting Beliefs

Ambition Will Succeed Where Talent Alone Will Not. The above is a phrase I coined a few years ago. We all know there are plenty of talented artists, musicians, writers and other creative types who never seem to get their due. Lack of ambition is one problem. Self-limiting beliefs are another. Art Career Success Frustrations […]

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Art Career | Can I Help You Do Something With Yours!

A Successful Art Career Has Clarity. Clarity: noun (as described by dictionary.com) clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. Some People Are Born Lucky. When it comes to being clear on what one passion’s is and whether to pursue it, some people are born lucky. It seems such self-knowledge is in the DNA. The lucky ones did not seek it, it always […]

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