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Social Media for Artists | Does It Pay?

Social media for artists

Making social media for artists work for you. Social media is just a marketing tool for artists. Success is strictly about what you do with the tool rather than which tool you use. Nearly any social media program can deliver results when used properly. It is analogous to giving the same basic paints, brushes, and canvas to two […]

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Social Media for Artists

microbusiness marketing

Making the Most of Your Social Media Marketing. Most artists I know fall into the category of owning and operating a microbusiness. This is no surprise since of the nearly 28 million businesses in the U.S., 92% are a microbusiness that employs 5 or fewer employees.  It is estimated that one in seven adults in […]

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Email Marketing for Artists | A New Art Marketing Series

Get the Most from Email Marketing Artists have a wide variety of art marketing methods at their disposal. Email marketing tops the list. I trust you listened to the free January 8th podcast with Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery, and me. Our topic was “Choosing Marketing Methods to Sell Your Art.” Among the various […]

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