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What Is Art Marketing | Why It Is Important

Art Marketing Works At its basic level art marketing is a systematized process of creating awareness and interest for an artist or artwork that leads to a desire to engage the artist, gallery,  or company, to own its products, use its services, or all of the above. Businesses, large and small, use marketing to communicate […]

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Networking for Artists Podcast Recording Available Here

Networking for Artists Is a Powerful Tool. The Networking Podcast Recording Is Live — Tell Your Friends! The Networking for Artists Hangout with Jason Horejs went very well. There were lots of great questions. As always, there is a recording, which you can watch right here.   Join Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery, and […]

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Art Is Sexy | Art Business Is Still Business

Hello You Sexy Crazy Creature! Okay, that above statement is over the top and slightly inappropriate, but as a prolific art business writer aren’t I allowed the same leeway as other artists to push the envelope a bit? There is an undeniable romantic somewhat sexy notion about art and artists. We tend to classify artists […]

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