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Abundance | Free Blogging for Artists Podcast

Abundance There is a simple reason why the idea of abundance has been a staple of self-help thinking for what seems like forever — because it works. (Scroll down to find details on the blogging for artists podcast details.) Norman Vincent Peale called it the power of positive thinking. Napoleon Hill taught us to think and grow […]

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Visual Artists What Business Are You In?

The Answer Is Not What Visual Artists Think. Many businesses don’t know how to correctly answer the question of what business they are in, and they pay a hefty price as a result. Ray Kroc became a billionaire with McDonald’s because he realized the real money was in the real estate leasing business. If he […]

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Visual Arts Careers | Good News and Bad News

Your Visual Arts Career Is One-of-a-kind. Your vision and the way you make your art is part of what makes your visual arts career unique on a microscopic level. Conversely, you are part of a macroscopic group of artists who create an impressive abundance of fine art such as paintings, sculpture and fine art crafts. Here […]

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