Are You Ready to Look for the Risk and Reap the Rewards and Benefits of Teaching Art Online?

Teaching Art Is As Old As Making Art

I wasn’t there when humans first made art. But I bet another soul was around who wanted to know how the artist made that art. And, so it goes. Artists have been learning from teachers for eons.

The idea of being a full-time professional artist burns in the heart of many, if not most artists. In the idealized version, the artist makes art all day and all the time. She has assistants and managers. They operate the business and marketing. That includes finding galleries, patrons, buyers, benefactors, and fans. Her art sells. There is enough income to make a very comfortable living for the artist and her entourage.

The Reality Can Be Rewarding

The truth is being a professional artist often requires extra income to make ends meet. And, this is especially so in the early stages. So many factors contribute to make it a challenge. However, history shows countless artists have enjoyed meaningful careers by sales of their work. Many started as art teachers and some continue to teach.

If you are going to supplement your income to support your art business then teaching art is a great choice. Teaching art is rewarding on its own merits. When it underpins a growing art career, it’s all the better.

Building a Sustainable Art Business Takes Time

It takes time to build a reliable art distribution system. As such, many artists need a job while building their own. The most time-honored method of earning a steady income is to teach art. Here is information about the number of teaching artists in the U.S. from

The exact number of visual artists who are teaching art at colleges and universities at any one time is hard to pin down, but according to a 2013 National Endowment for the Arts study, of the 271,000 workers who reported holding secondary jobs as artists, almost 21 percent, or nearly 57,000 workers, identified as teachers in their primary jobs.

So, if you are a teaching artist, you can see you have company. It’s a good job for artists on many levels. And now new opportunities are opening up. Using your abilities you can create a revenue-generating business you own.

Is Teaching Art Online the Next Best Thing for You?

Having a teaching job with benefits adds security to the lives of many artists. Teaching art online opens avenues to enhance your income, career stability, and more. Have you given thought to use your knowledge and expertise to teach art online?

It’s become so much easier to do in recent years. Constant improvement by platform providers makes creating courses and selling them online simple. Complimenting that trend is the change in consumer habits tilting towards learning online.

There is a surging number of people who have become fans and consumers of online education of all kinds. It’s more than a fad. It’s an established pattern. Ordinary folks use their knowledge and skills to create and sell online courses. In some cases, the online income eventually exceeds that of the day job teaching art. Even if it doesn’t, it offers value in so many ways.

How to Make It So You Are the Boss of You

The arts are under siege from cost-cutters who fail to recognize the value of art education. That puts every art teaching job in potential peril. By establishing an online art teaching career, you create another income stream. So, that takes the pressure off your fine art career.

You will get great satisfaction building and implementing a successful online school. That you own the process from the ground up makes it all the better. It’s a job where only you can fire you. You are the boss of you.

I use Teachable to produce and market my online training courses for artists at I’m in my third year of using the online course platform. I’ve seen nothing but continual improvement in every aspect of Teachable. It gives superb support and provides superior world-class training. Users like me get help and training on the best ways to create and market courses.

I trust you will be as excited about this 2-part announcement as I am to tell you about it:

  1. I have a special invite for you.
  2. I want you to know about a fun opportunity we have coming up. If you’ve ever considered creating your profitable online course you’ll love it!

I sold my first book online in 2005. It was a softcover as Kindle and ebooks had not yet hit the scene. Selling books and consulting made up most of my income then. It’s crazy to think that for the past three years 75% or more of my income came from online courses and digital products.

But it’s not just me—online courses are HUGE right now because they’re:

– Fun to make

– Scalable

On top of that, with online courses, you can also:

– Charge premium pricing

– Help many people

– Generate unlimited income

Here’s the Story Behind My Online Courses Experience

My first art marketing online course was a cobbled-together series of five live webinars. I recorded each webinar and each had a password to watch on Vimeo. Students got worksheets and support docs through a shared Google Drive folder. It was clumsy, inefficient, and not secure. But, the content was valuable and I got good feedback and response from students.

I upgraded to a dedicated platform that was rudimentary by today’s standards. From there, I moved to Memberium (a premium WordPress plugin), which is a fantastic product. It is super powerful and flexible.

While I loved Memberium, I was beyond frustrated with WordPress issues. I found monitoring hosting, databases, plugins, backups, updates, security exasperating. It became a huge nonproductive and expensive waste of time.

I burned through $1,000 with three separate WordPress experts to fix a mysterious problem. After that, I was ready for a change. That’s when I learned about Teachable. I jumped in and have never looked back or been happier with the platform that serves my online courses. Teachable helps me to power my mission to train artists in the value of direct patronage.

Are You Ready to Give Teaching Art (or whatever is your passion) a Try?

If you’re ready to create a course that matters, enroll your first students, and earn an income (full time, or on the side) by teaching what you know — then here’s what I recommend you do next…

I’ve partnered with my friends at Teachable. They have helped tens of thousands of people create online courses. What’s one of the things that of their most successful instructors have in common? They started by watching this free training!

In the masterclass, you’ll:

  • Learn why so many people are creating online courses to increase their income and their impact.
  • Find out the key steps that our successful course creators use to successfully implement their ideas to create an online course that leads to happy students and significant revenue — all within 60-90 days.
  • Understand how to choose a profitable, in-demand course topic that you’re excited about.
  • Discover how to quickly set up your online school and storefront where you can accept payments, manage your students, and track your revenue — without the tech headaches.
  • Receive a templatized course marketing calendar that you can use to enroll your first students and scale your course sales.
  • Get access to behind-the-scenes case studies of bloggers, freelancers, coaches, freelancers, influencers, and consultants who are using online courses to grow their businesses.
  • And a whole lot more!



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