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Happy Thanksgiving Wherever You Live!

I am giving thanks to you for reading my Art Marketing News blog!

For most readers of my blog, finding a reason to pause for a day to enjoy a day set aside for being thankful is easy. It is for me, too.

For many years now, I have used this space to run the lyrics and YouTube video from Tracy Chapman’s timeless ode, “Heaven’s Here on Earth.” This year is no different.

I find her uplifting, humanistic words speak directly to what I believe is important about celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. Even if just for the day. Be thankful. Make room for heaven in your heart.

Wise Words for Everyone

It doesn’t matter whether you reside in the U.S., everyone can take away the message from Chapman’s beautiful song and lyrics.

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In many ways, with all the fears, anger, anxiety, and disillusionment coming from all sides, her thoughts are more poignant than ever.

By merely reading the words to this timeless song, I am lifted above the fray to see a horizon of hopefulness with positive possibilities unimagined for us and future generations. It starts with believing:

You can look to the stars in search of the answers
Look for God and life on distant planets
Have your faith in the ever after
While each of us holds inside the map to the labyrinth

And heaven’s here on earth
We are the spirit the collective conscience
We create the pain and the suffering and the beauty in this world

Heaven’s here on earth
In our faith in humankind
In our respect for what is earthly
In our unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding

I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise
Of ordinary people leading ordinary lives
Filled with love, compassion, forgiveness and sacrifice

Heaven’s in our hearts
In our faith in humankind
In our respect for what is earthly
In our unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding

Look around
Believe in what you see
The kingdom is at hand
The promised land is at your feet
We can and will become what we aspire to be

If Heaven’s here on earth
If we have faith in humankind
And respect for what is earthly
And an unfaltering belief that truth is divinity
And heaven’s here on earth

I’ve seen spirits
I’ve met angels
I’ve touched creations beautiful and wondrous
I’ve been places where I question all I think I know
But I believe, I believe, I believe this could be heaven

We are born inside the gates with the power to create life
And to take it away
The world is our temple
The world is our church
Heaven’s here on earth

If we have faith in humankind
And respect for what is earthly
And an unfaltering belief
In peace and love and understanding
This could be heaven here on earth
Heaven’s in our heart

In her lyrics, Chapman says she’s seen spirits, and she’s seen angels. I know what she means. I have seen them, too. Some of them are you.

We Are Blessed!

From the moment of creation when each of us became that particular person who we are, we are endowed with unique and incredible, special gifts. We are the lucky ones who have beaten the tremendous odds in nature’s selection process to become alive. Who cannot be thankful for the opportunity being alive?

You and I are greatly blessed. For there are so many who will neither glimpse nor experience the privileged lives we lead with our computers, smart phones, cars, warm homes, plentiful food, and an abundance unknown by previous generations.

Why I Am Thankful

I am grateful for what I have been given. To me, the greatest gift of any parent is the one I have known and possessed all my days. It is unconditional love from them, my siblings, extended family and close friends. I am thankful for the life I’ve been given and the life I’ve made.

It’s an honor and a privilege to have this platform to reach out to artists and to help them.

Have a blessed, fun, safe holiday if you are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. Wherever you are, regardless whether at a grand celebration or a late fall weekend in a place where the Thanksgiving holiday is not celebrated, please take a moment to rejoice for your blessings, your gifts and your little piece of heaven here on earth all the same.

Please know I also am grateful, thankful and honored to have you as a reader of my blog.

Wam wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!





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