The Guild Juried Applications Close April 30

If you have read my book or heard me speak, you might already know I am a fine woodworker. Were that hobby a Barney Davey chair business, one of the places I would be most proud to display my works would be on The Artful Home Web site produced by The Guild. (BTW, if you like that the links open in a new window, thank Jennifer Young. Her suggestion prompted me to learn a little more HTML to fulfill it. See her link in my Blog & Web site sidebar links.)

The Guild produces a most gorgeous print and online catalog of fine arts and crafts. If you agree with me it would be worthy of your work and you want to apply through its jury process, you need to get busy. I just looked at the site today and realized the jury selection process is April 1 – April 30. Start here to learn how to go about becoming a Guild Artist.

Here are some of stringent standards for 2D artists published on the site:

Additional Standards

The Guild only accepts work by living artists who reside and produce their work within North America. The Guild does not accept framed 2D work or giclees printed on canvas. All giclees and prints need to be limited edition, as we do not accept open edition 2D work. We also do not accept any reproductions. Strong preferences are given to artists who submit with a consistent body of work.

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use

The terminology in the above paragraph can be confusing. Seems like giclees and prints are acceptable, but reproductions are not. Using the S.W.A.G. (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) Factor, I’m going to say by reproductions they mean open edition prints and posters. I will contact the company for clarification and other reasons as another post on them is planned. Good luck to all who make the effort to join the jury process. I will be thrilled if any readers use this alert and end up in the catalog…let me know.

Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use
Download List of 7 Essential Tools Artists Use


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  1. Hi Barney,
    Thanks for the info about the Guild. I have heard of them before and I was glad to be reminded of them again.

    To date I haven’t met any artist that has used their service. It would be helpful to know how and wherer they are circulating their books and whether they are a staple used by the designer markets. I can’t seem to find any information on that other than what’s on their website.

    Also, it looks like they have several options for advertising with them–a few books and then an online listing. Which do you recommend? Thanks in advance. (btw, I like the new pop up links :-)).


  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I forwarded your comments to The Guild with anticipation someone will kindly reply. Your questions are very good and the sort that should be asked before making any advertising decisions.

    My post was to alert artists of the open window for the Juried Process, which can lead to inclusion in becoming a Guild Artist. This is different than advertising in the Guide books. There is a PDF of the contract for this aspect. I found it typical, fair and straightforward.

    Regarding the Guide books, they both look intriguing, but like you, I don’t have enough information to make suggestions for you which to use. I can recommend applying to become a Guild Artist by reading the contract and looking at the quality of the art and crafts offered, the quality of the presentation and the longevity of the company’s operations.

  3. Hi Barney,
    I went to the Guild website and read all the submission information there and I came across something and wonder if it should be a concern. They set the retail price. Couldn’t that be a potential problem if I’m selling the same or a related work on my website or through another gallery or art related retail outlet?

    Thank you for all the great information on your website.

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