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The mission of Art Marketing News is to publish insights on topics that impact visual artists and the art community. As the publisher, I use my blog to teach artists how to market art practically and to encourage them to enjoy life and do well in business.

This 2022 Top Ten Posts Roundup demonstrates my efforts to enrich artists’ lives.

The grand vision is to improve the world by inspiring artists to live their dreams and share their art with humanity. I believe enabling artists to live in harmony with their chosen creative life is alchemy.

— Barney Davey

I write these words with deep gratitude for your support now and in the months and years ahead. I dedicate my work helping artists to the memory of my mother, a teacher and exceptional fine artist who shared a love of art with her children in her home and classroom.

New "Blueprint for Art Business Success" book with bonus "Self-Empowerment Journal for Artists"
New “Blueprint for Art Business Success” book with bonus “Self-Empowerment Journal for Artists”Blueprint for Art Business Success

My priority is to help artists lead enjoyable, inspired lives and provide them with innovative marketing concepts. Still, nothing I do would be possible without you because I do it for you.

What are the best Art Marketing News posts of 2022?

It was hard to pick the top ten posts out of the more than 50 that Art Marketing News published in 2022. I searched for posts of significance and interest to visual artists, from novices just beginning their journey into the art business to veteran art marketers.

Here’s what I found.

  1. What Kind of Fine Art Will Sell Best In 2023? – As the art market continues to evolve and transform, artists, collectors, and dealers need to stay informed about the kinds of fine art that will be in demand in the coming years. Those looking to invest in the art market are often interested in knowing what kinds of art will be most profitable in the next few years.
  2. Can You Learn to Paint Realism without Experience? – Creating art is about manifesting intention—thinking about what you want to make. And it is tremendously gratifying to know your result will come out as expected. Acquiring such talent and knowledge turns into exceptional professional skills you can build on with self-assurance. Evolve Artist has proven that with foundational education, artists can make paintings happen to their satisfaction every time.
  3. Insider Tips on How to Work with a Giclee Printmaker. – When you create giclees for your artwork, there are essential things to know, especially when working with a giclee printmaking studio. The suggestions here intend to inform your decision on how to get the best results by adding digital fine art prints, aka giclees, to your portfolio.
  4. Why Storytelling for Artists Works So Well. – Self-promotion is hard. I’m a writer, and my hardest writing is about me. So, I truly get hesitation and understand the difficulty of working on storytelling about you and your art. If you see the value, you can overcome the resistance, which is odd because when you objectively think about it, you realize it’s mostly in your head. You can choose to stop getting in your way if you want to do it.
  5. 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Art. – As an artist who sells art, you gain fresh insights into the reasons people buy your art. This part is easy because they let you know. You can review your sales history and learn what about your art excites people to buy it from the patterns. While that info is valuable, so is understanding why people don’t buy art.
  6. How Instagram’s Touch Makes Warm Marketing Work for Artists. – Instagram’s unique touch turns cold digital into warm marketing for artists. Use it to make connections, build relationships and sell art. Warm market relationships create new connections, enhance recognition, and encourage sales. The ones having success on Instagram engage their contacts and capture email addresses.
  7. Email Marketing for Artists in 2023 | The Definitive Guide. – Email marketing for artists is an essential tool for artists seeking to sell their art and build a thriving art business. It is the high-powered digital equivalent of direct mail sent through the post office. Marketers use it to deepen relationships with potential buyers and to promote and sell them products and services. You own your email contact list. Get banned on social, and you’re toast without an active email list.
  8. Support Local Marketing. Make It Happen in Your Art Business. – What are some of the benefits of local marketing? Naturally, you get to sell to people you know or to someone who knows the people you know, and they get to buy from someone in their local community. And it is a tremendous advantage and more fun when you’re not marketing your art to total strangers. 
  9. Art-Related Career Alternatives for Visual Artists. – Finding a satisfying job in an art-related career. First, I would never discourage someone who has a passion and wants to become a full-time artist from choosing otherwise. It is a unique, noble, and worthy way to make a living. As with all entrepreneurial endeavors, going full-time is challenging, making art-related career alternatives a great choice. Support your art instead of trying to make it support you.
  10. Art Marketing | The Ultimate Guide for Visual Artists. – What Is art marketing? At its basic level, marketing, including art marketing, is a systematized process of creating awareness and interest in a company, product, or service that leads to a desire to engage buyers to own its goods, use its services, or all of the above. You practice some form of art marketing in your business routinely. It probably involves methods unique to you. Learning art marketing concepts will improve whatever methods you use to get your art to market.

In conclusion.

The top ten posts chosen for the list of the best of Art Marketing News for 2022 cover a wide range of topics, from marketing basics to advanced strategies, from the challenges of starting a business to the opportunities of the digital age. They give practical advice, thought-provoking insights, and helpful resources to help art marketers succeed in today’s art world.

You deserve inspired living and innovative marketing.

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Free Art Business Checklist Download

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Free Art Business Checklist Download
Free Art Business Checklist Download


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