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How art gets to market and how artists promote themselves is constantly evolving

If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevancy even less. – General Eric Shinsheki, Retired Chief of Staff United States Army

The speed of change in how we communicate with each other, how we find information, how we make decisions is increasing. We find, use and rely on all matter of sources that were not in existence until recent times. Check out this Transform Your Marketing Slideshare presentation from the the smart marketing folks at Hubspot.  You’ll find the quote above in it.

Embracing change is no longer optional

Granted Hubspot’s focus may be above and beyond the reach of most self-published artists, there is still much the smallest art marketing operation can take away from looking at how it operates. The reality is artists selling digital fine art giclee reproductions have to find ways to distribute their own work.

This doesn’t mean artists should turn their back to traditional marketing, as in using galleries, although many have. It means the tools are there, the rationale is there and the changing landscape in how consumers want to buy everything, including fine art prints, has changed.

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How art gets to market and how artists promote themselves is constantly evolving

The significant changes in how art prints are marketed is why I re-edited and then added four new chapters, which increased the content by 30%, to the second edition of How to Profit from the Art Print.



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