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This is a topic that springs up regularly on artists’ discussion boards. Recently, Alyson Stanfield on her Art Biz Blog has been championing the idea. She has some powerful demographic data regarding blog users you should know. Alyson’s story about how she helped artist Margret Short start and effectively utilize a blog is enlightening and encouraging. You will find a link to an 8-minute audio Podcast on Margret’s blog. I commented on the post and offered this link to a story titled, Why Blog Search Matters to Your Business.

When I first launched my Web site to help promote my book, I engaged Kristin Royce to help me optimize the site and improve its rankings for desirable keywords. She is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guru and an artist herself. Kristin did a nice job for me and I still get top of fold rankings on Google as a result of her help and advice.

She has also authored two very informative articles on blogging for artists. I borrowed part of the title from one to title this post. You can read the articles for free. I encourage you to do so: Why Every Artist Needs a Blog & How to Create an Artist Blog and How to Increase Traffic to Your Artist Blog. If all this doesn’t motivate you, then you may be a lost cause to blogging.

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