Your Art Career | What Is Holding It Back?

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Is Your Art Career Where You Want It? 

Art Career Path

Where is your career headed?

If your answer is no, do not feel alone. Many artists find scattered, ineffective marketing plans steer their art careers off course.

Just as with your art, only you can make a success of your art career. When you learn to focus on what is valuable, then organize and execute around your priorities, you create success.

You may be trying to do too much, or you just as likely are doing too little, or at least too little of the most important items on your marketing agenda.

Art Marketing Toolkit

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Simplify and Succeed.

While you can’t expect to fully learn how to get on track by reading this blog post, you can use it as a stimulus to start making improvements to your art marketing. Your hard work creating your art deserves the best you can do to get it introduced to your top prospects for buying it. Don’t let your art career suffer because your marketing is failing.

Many Artist Careers Founder Due To: 

  1. Artist is unfocused and dabbling in everything which leads to spotty results.
  2. Artist is not doing enough marketing and is using some combination of wishful thinking, fear of failure, or a dislike of the business of art to avoid seriously working at art marketing.

There are many other ways artists sabotage their careers, but most have paths that lead back to one or both of the points above. The first thing you can do is determine you are going to improve your art marketing. Work on creating a simplified art marketing plan that focuses only on those things with the greatest potential return on investment.

How Do You Get Started Improving Your Art Career?

  • Take the time to assess your potential as an artist and a marketer. Commit to getting better at both. Learn how to sell art.
  • Come up with tough, honest answers about your capabilities, your resources, and your willingness to work hard at the business of art.
  •  Learn which marketing tools are best for you to promote your art and your art career.
  • Minimize your marketing to only the most pressing goals — those with your best odds of achieving them.

Grow Where You Are Planted.

There are opportunities everywhere. Much of it is nearby. If you are not producing results from your warm market, which is people you know and people they know, then you are missing your easiest sales. In all but the rarest cases, it is easier to be well known and successful in your home town, state and region than in some distant place where you are a stranger.

Buck Up and Get Out There! Your Art Career Success Is Waiting.

Neither being an introvert nor being afraid is an acceptable excuse for not networking. Unless you have a reliable partner, you have to carry your own art marketing water.

A crucial step is to make a plan to achieve recognition with your best and most highly valuable prospects. Then work on your networking to get introductions. Know in advance what you want and from whom you want it. This will keep you from wasting time pursuing phantom, useless prospects. Having a thought out strategy on how to ask for help, get referrals and introductions, and producing an affordable means to reward your supporters is what will make your networking successful.

Art Marketing Toolkit

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Give First, Then Get.

People are naturally inclined to help those who have first helped them, or given them something. If you seek in your networking to help others first, the gain to your art career on the backside will be magnified. As you meet more people, it becomes easier to connect with others. You can build a reservoir of good feelings and reciprocity by being generous, interested and helpful with others before you ask for their help.

No One Is Saying This Is Easy.

With determination, you can overcome virtually any obstacle. Proof of this is evident in abundance from people who refuse to let handicaps and disabilities keep them from making a difference with their lives. Researching to determine how other successful artists promote their art is the first step. You don’t hesitate to learn art-making techniques from the best artists. Make it a habit to learn how top artists operate their art businesses.

Whether you learned how to create art in school, or you are self-taught, you instinctively know the struggle to win awareness, create demand and sell your art is a constant battle. Your path to success is paved with your intentions and actions. Committing yourself to a disciplined approach towards making your art and marketing your art, and giving both adequate amounts of your time and energy,  is how you will make your art career thrive.

Success Never Rests –The Journey Never Ends.

I recognize these words are not systematic instructions on how to do the things discussed above. Moreover, there is much more to a successful art career than what is covered here. Nevertheless, if you can use these thoughts to wrap your head around how you want your art career to look in five or ten years, and what methods you will use to help you get there, then you will have made a good start.

Art Marketing Toolkit

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Art Marketing Toolkit

Join Today & Lock-in Charter Rates. Online Interactive Training for Visual Artists


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