Yuroz Weighs In on Prosperity versus Posterity

I don’t remember any time in the history that world suffered because there were too many artists. – Yuroz

For the past several years, I have had the honor of contributing as a blogger for Absolute Arts, which is perhaps the Internet’s most heavily trafficked fine art site. My October 14, 2005 post, titled, Posterity versus Prosperity — Can Artists Have It Both Ways, has generated more response than any other.

Yuroz2 The post talked about a lengthy Los Angeles Times Magazine cover story that featured the artist Yuroz. Essentially, it posited because he had conquered the “commercial art” scene so successfully he was blocked from achieving success with museums. I argued, then as now, artists can have it all and should be allowed to without suffering negativity from those who should know and act better. Recently, Yuroz emailed me with his thoughts on the article and my blog post. His comments are heartfelt, sincere and are on the side of the artists. Here is a quote from his email that sums it up for me:

An artist’s obligation is to create and support his loved ones. To me, the person is considered to be successful if he can afford to wake up in the morning and do what he loves to do. Successful or not, I wish there were more artists in the world. I don’t remember any time in the history that world suffered because there were too many artists. – Yuroz

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Yuroz3250My current January 17 post on Absolute Arts titled Yuroz Weighs in on Prosperity versus Posterity provides his response and some thoughts from me on the subject. Perhaps the best bit of news is his UN mural art is traveling to four museums around the globe in 2008. Well done Yuroz! While you are on the site, check out Absolute Art’s Online Portfolio Service. You can get started with your own free portfolio as a way to test the service. Here’s a blurb from the site about it:

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