Art Marketing Toolkit


Create your art-life, dream-work balance.


- Design & enjoy your best artist's life your way.

- Find the best methods for you to market art.

- Weekly live interactive sessions with workbooks. Includes instant download of the 52-page Ultimate Guide to Art Marketing.

Why Not Do Your Art Business with Delight?


Life is harsh sometimes. Making art should be a joy and a refuge even when it's a business. How you perceive your art in business and how you go about getting your art to market should give you contentment as an artist and a business owner.

We believe your art business should be about you, your creativity and fulfillment.. no matter how unconventional. It's not too much to ask to make, market and sell your art your way. We're here to help you make your art business fulfilling on your terms.

Once you understand the benefits that come with living the artist’s life, it’s time to act. Ask yourself if you are ready to take steps and commit to doing what’s best for yourself, your family, and your career? If yes, you should join the Art Marketing Toolkit Project.

Learning about How Business and Living the Artist's Life Work Together

The project is a platform for learning all about marketing art. But it’s also a forum for an exchange of ideas, a place to find like-minded artists where one gets support. It is a judgment-free zone where you are encouraged not just to figure out what living the artist’s life means to you but, more importantly, to find ways to make living your best artist’s life into reality.

The goal is to help you fulfill your dreams by making informed choices and living in a state of being where your art-life, dream-work balance stays in alignment. We wish you to make art and live the artist’s life you want.

Check us out because our plan is to give artists a good deal. When you join you have virtually nothing to lose and so much to gain. I cordially invite you to join us and experience the benefits of belonging to the Art Marketing Toolkit Project for yourself.


Making living the artist's life manageable.

The fact that joining the Art Marketing Toolkit is only $4.99 per month with no contract lets you know it is an artist-friendly community. We wish for you to succeed at living your artist’s life on your terms as it should be. You choose what that means for you.

Members get downloads from books and guides like these from Barney Davey. The excerpted PDFs come with suggested actions to help boost your progress.

New members receive an instant download of the

52-page Ultimate Guide to Art Marketing ebook.


How to Sell Art Your Way

Our goal is to make it as easy and pleasant as possible to learn about art marketing. Then to help you discover which marketing tools will get you the results you want.

We believe helping artists design and build a compatible life and art business is how to have long-term satisfying success for them and us.

Weekly live sessions Zoom sessions together with our private Facebook group creates community. We seek ways to uplift each other.

Reducing Art Marketing to Its Essence

We know less is better in most cases. That goes for paying for training and implementing your marketing. Make your business simple, easy, and affordable to operate. That's why the Art Marketing Toolkit is only $4.99 per month to belong with no contract.

You get to join a community in our weekly interactive Zoom sessions to discuss the week's topic and assignment. Recordings of the live sessions, weekly reading assignments, and checklists are uploaded to the private Art Marketing Toolkit Facebook group. It's there you will enjoy supportive, ongoing discussions about the sessions and the art business.

Reasons to choose us:


Join a group of likeminded artists who seek to market their art with sanity, integrity and joy.


The sessions are led by Barney Davey using his extensive library of art marketing content and 30 years of art business experience.


You get world-class training for $4.99 per month with no contract. We believe it's an everything to gain and nothing to lose offer.


What Artists Say about Barney Davey

Reading some of your replies to your students, I must say you are so respectful and so kind, Barney! It warms my heart frankly! Thx again

Evelyn Wolff

Stained Glass Artist

"Each time I utilize your training, I learn something, and go on to make art sales. I'm very grateful.”

Jana Kappeler

Abstract Artist

"Following Barney's guidance, I now have nine art dealers in Canada and the UK, shows, teaching contracts, and more."

Barry Strasbourg-Thompson

Contemporary Healing Art

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