Through 33 years in the art business, 16 years of publishing weekly art marketing blog posts, writing six bestselling books on art marketing, creating courses, and presenting workshops for countless artists, I have insights into what living the best artist’s life means and how to attain it.

My work has inspired me to write The Artists Life Manifesto on “What is art?” and “Who is an artist?” I invite you to read it and reply with your reaction and thoughts.

Finding Inspiration and Insights in Work.

Working on the Art Marketing Toolkit Project, which is my most important and valuable program for artists, informs and inspires me. The project sharpens my ideas on how artists can equalize living their best artist’s life while conducting the business of art. These aspects of being an artist are inclusive to each other. Since neither exists without relation to the other, it makes sense to work on them together.

Achieving the Art. Life. Dream. Work Balance.

My wish for artists participating in the project is to help them find the art-life-dream-work balance. It’s as different for every artist as their creative contributions to the world. In this context, the only competition is to be the best they want to be, which is distinctive from being the best they can be. Read the manifesto to learn how I square those concepts.

If you are ready for help with marketing your art, want to be part of a like-minded community of artists, and explore how to live your best artist’s life, join the Art Marketing Toolkit. At $4.99 per month with no contract, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Go here to read the Artists.Life Manifesto.  


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