It’s Time to Make Art for Art’s Sake

With all that is going on worldwide, it’s the best time to make art because you want to and with no worry that others will like it or want to buy it.

Make it extra-large or tiny. Make it intricately crazy or sublimely simple. Cut loose all your inhibitions and unleash your creativity with as much fury and passion as you can muster. You might make a masterpiece for all time or something less. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is you engulfed and absorbed yourself into a creative art-making project as never before. The coronavirus numbers are incomprehensibly staggering and frightening and we can only do so much to stop it from devastating our world.

If there ever was a time to devote to making art for art’s sake, it is now. Give yourself unbridled permission to go for it with a gusto that you plumb from the depths of your creativity and desire. Go forth and make art gleefully with abandon.

Live Your Best Artist's LIfe
Live Your Best Artist’s LIfe

I’m sending much love and warmest wishes for a multitude of blessings upon you.

Go in peace. Stay safe. Be smart and be well.

Barney Davey



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  1. >> It’s the best time to make art because you want to and with no worry that others will like it or want to buy it. – Huh? Are you serious? Now is *exactly* the time when someone buying some of my stuff would help me immensely. Because, you know, there are people in the world without a fat financial cushion, who have to actually work to make ends meet. If the quarantine lasts any time longer, I will have to sell my equipment – except that I am not sure who will have the money to buy it.

    1. Alex, I’m sorry if my post added to your angst. It was not my intention. Yes, I’m very serious that it is the best time to make art for art’s sake with the knowledge that the art market is virtually ground to a halt along with all non-essential retail operations. Like everyone, I’m deeply saddened by and scared of what’s going to happen to our world, our nation, our community of artists, and my family as we contend with this deadly virus. Since sales are unlikely, it’s the best time to make art for art’s sake and the pure enjoyment of the process.

  2. Thank you for thecencouragement. I recently did just that and felt a joy of relaxation…not if the painting was a “seller”, would people like it, or “told” a story. I let my inner sense of design and complementary sense of color take over. An abstract was the result ( I am a realistic painter) which greatly pleased me.

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