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Digital Fine Arts Studio is a premier full-service digital fine art giclee printing service in Atlanta, GA. Its operation proves not all giclee printers are alike.

All giclee printers know when it comes to reproducing their original art, artists understandably are picky. One does not create art and not care about color and fidelity in giclee fine art reproductions. This emphasis makes the job of operating a professional digital fine art giclee printing service, such as Digital Arts Studio, a challenging occupation.

digital arts studio

 Given the broad range of opportunities in the wide-format printing business, one can only conclude that those who decide to work in the fine art field do so as much for love of art and artists as it is a way to make an income. The bottom line is those who toil to make perfect giclee prints for visual artist could likely make more money with less hassle in a similar line of work.

Digital Arts Studio ranks among the best giclee printers

Fortunately for visual artists, there are numerous dedicated professional giclée printing services available to them. Digital Arts Studio ranks among the best of those in the field. Barry Glustoff and Robin Zelizer opened Digital Arts Studio in 2003. They desired to help artists take advantage of the growing interest in using digital fine art reproductions to grow their art careers.

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Learn about art-related Careers.

These three partners each have many years of experience in art-related fields. Together they have worked more than 80 years in art reproduction, marketing, and retail custom picture framing.  Also, Barry and Robin have put together an outstanding team of technicians, including skilled photographers, professional artists, graphic designers and digital imaging specialists.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques is essential

DAS uses the latest and best possible technology available to help its fine artist’s clients achieve superior quality, color accuracy, and consistency on every project. Color management is not only about technical expertise; it requires an artistic background and keen color sense to be able to make a winning collaboration with all artists, regardless of their technical knowledge and expertise.

The staff at Digital Arts Studio combines its technical expertise and marketing savvy to show artists how to enjoy increased profits for works created using the fine-art giclee printmaking process.  Whether artists are serious amateurs or seasoned professionals, they find their images reproduce wonderfully as giclées with the technical quality to be museum collector items.

Digital Arts Studios uses the latest equipment and techniques in its giclee printmaking process. It specializes in creating archival prints utilizing affordable, state-of-the-art printing that produces true-to-the-original work in highly accurate full color. DAS furnishes related products and marketing support to artists and photographers nationwide. Its efforts are focused on providing new and established artists with the best possible technology, superior quality, color accuracy, and consistency on every project.

Providing full-service makes a massive difference in the level of service and trust

The team at Digital Arts Studio has earned a reputation in artist communities nationwide as a premium quality, full service, fine art giclée printmaker and custom picture framer. In addition to its traditional high-resolution image capture, large format giclée printmaking services, DAS is a one-stop resource for artists. It handles everything from printing and custom picture framing needs to order fulfillment services.

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Learn about art-related Careers.

As a fine art digital giclee printmaking service, Digital Arts Studio is unique among other printing companies. It goes the extra mile in helping artists get to market by offering graphic design, sales, and marketing assistance. An example of its unique service is its retail gallery space is made available to clients to display and sell their work without any fees.

Online e-commerce enabled gallery complements the retail gallery services

The company is dedicated to providing proactive resources to assist visual artists with all their sales and marketing efforts. Its proves the point. It is an e-commerce website created for clients to use as their “sales portal.” Artists benefit from complete fulfillment services for print orders, payment processing, and direct shipping.

DAS’ philosophy is that artists should spend their time creating art, and not have to deal with the mundane tasks of processing print orders. Their intentional action to help artists demonstrates the company walks its talk when it comes to supporting its customer’s efforts in becoming successful artists.

Encouraging artists to learn about the business of art makes DAS stand out

Another example is it has routinely advised artists to read How to Profit from the Art Print Market. A book exclusively devoted to helping visual artists succeed in the print market. It has sponsored a live seminar with author Barney Davey and more recently a webinar with him, all in a continuing effort to educate its clientele and help them with their sale and marketing efforts.

The company is a proud member of Adobe’s Print Service Provider Network. It belongs to many other professional organizations. It also sponsors numerous local and national art and photography groups. It is a premier book sponsor advertiser in the Giclee Business directory, which contains listings from more than 500 companies with products and services aimed at helping visual artists operate their art businesses more successfully.

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Learn about art-related Careers.


The Guide to Art-related Careers
Learn about art-related Careers.


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