The Harmonic Resonance of 21, 73 and Me

I am not all that I could be, but what I am balances me. – Barney Davey

It’s True You Only Get to Be 73 Once

If you randomly ask one hundred people what ages define people’s lives, I bet none would reply with 73. I get it. What could be special about 73? Well, to start, it is an absolute privilege to attain the age of 73.

I’m blessed to be writing to you today and have plans for tomorrow, the next day, and years to come. I believe we can lead better lives as artists and humans and I seek to help you and others make it happen.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive ones. – Willie Nelson

Palpable Currents of Positivity.

It’s been a long time since strong currents of sustained positivity seemed possible. So, it is invigorating to lean into the sensation of the zeitgeist turning from punitive to positive. Things are moving in the right direction.

Momentum grows as we collectively witness progress on what truly matters and realize what is possible is happening. Yes, we face enormous challenges, but there is reason to believe we can be better humans, artists, and citizens.

Can You Hear Harmonic Resonance?

Harmonic resonance occurs in a power system when the power system natural frequency corresponds to the frequency of a source of harmonic current. —

In penning more than 600 posts, I’ve made it a point not to wander into woo-woo topics until now. It seems I have stumbled upon a harmonic resonance in the universe vibrating on the numbers 21, 73, and me. For unexplained reasons before my birthday, I wondered if 73 was a prime number. Google gave assurance 73 is indeed a prime number.

But wait, there’s more…

My birthday is April 21, which is also my favorite number. It turns out 73 is the 21st prime number in the sequence, and 7 times 3 is 21. Adding the 4, 2, 1 numerals in my birthdate equals 7.Adding them as individual units equals 3, and once again, 7 times 3 equals 21. Did I mention my 73rd birthday came on April 21 in the 21st year of the 21st Century?

What Does Harmonic Resonance Mean?

Harmonic resonance is about currents and power sources vibrating on the same frequency. Does it apply to humans? We are power sources and who vibrate, so why not? Did I stumble down a rabbit hole of something meaningful or meaningless? No one knows. But this is for certain, the rising sense of positive energy around my Art Marketing Toolkit Project is real.

I have a question…

If I’m right in genuinely thinking I tapped into a harmonic resonance as described in the quote above, I wonder:

“Am I the power system or the source of harmonic current?”

 I invite your replies.

Just Like Dogs, Big Plans Don’t Care How Old You Are.

What am I to make of the weird coincidences with 21, 73, and me? Who knows? But numerical fascinations aside, I’m finding 73 a pivotal age. There is no sitting still as I progress my thoughts on encouraging artists to live in an art-life, dream-work balance and trust they know what it means to them. I teach artists to apply helpful marketing information and rely on their instincts to attain balance in their lives.

Encouraging Artists into Living Their Best Artist’s Life.

The Art Marketing Toolkit Project (AMTP) is a convergence of a long life advising artists, writing a half-dozen art marketing books (#7 is en queue), publishing hundreds of blog posts, and producing countless art business workshops. The AMTP is a work in progress. It grows, adjusts, and improves as member artists respond to and propose new ideas for doing things more efficiently.

I stretch myself to guide artists to the best ways to market art and define for themselves what it means to live their best artist’s lives.

Before AMTP, I spent decades promoting art marketing to artists. It was rewarding to see I was making a difference. And it kept me busy at something I loved doing, but…

Something Was Missing…

Despite creating courses with detailed instructions on nearly every aspect of how to market art throughout my lengthy career, something was missing. Artists were applying my marketing advice out of context and not getting the full benefit from the knowledge they gained from me.

Following instructions is pointless without a realistic idea of the expected outcome. I discovered the element of balance in living the artist’s life was missing for many. Marketing art without knowing how you want to live your artist’s life is unproductive. That’s because when you aren’t clear on what you want from making art, your marketing is ineffective.

What Is Balance?

Gaining balance in your art, life, dreams, and work is essential to living your best artist’s life. You can’t ignore aspects of your life and maintain balance with them. If you stop making art, ignore your family, go all-in on business with a half-baked plan, or deny your dreams, you will find yourself out of balance. That’s an unhappy and unhealthy way to live.

Stability comes to your artist’s life when you recognize what living the artist’s life means to you. Balance follows when you make good decisions about managing the art-life and dream-work aspects of your artist’s life journey.

Balance Is Attainable for Everyone

Having balance is different but attainable for everyone. You gain it by actively living your best life as an artist. When you prioritize living your life in that way, you operate in the grace of your higher self, a state that naturally resists things that hamper joyful living and encourages those that do.

Instinctively, we know that living our best artist’s life is a worthy goal. Working toward our highest goals helps us create balance like an internal gyroscope that makes for smooth sailing. Developing workable methods to sell art is critical to the artist’s life when business success matters. The best way to develop those methods is to understand your options. Then only use the methods you honestly know you will use. I provide avenues of opportunities and help you decide how to use them.

Lean into What Is Possible and Doable.

When you stop trying to do things you know in your heart of hearts, you ultimately won’t do, you gain balance because you’re not fighting yourself anymore. Lean into what is possible, doable, and what you want. That’s how to create a balance and open the doors to an enjoyable, fulfilling career.

I’m leaning into making a positive impact on the lives of artists who trust my advice. My journey is one with artists from around the globe. There is room and it would be my great pleasure to have your company along the way.

Find Your Balance in the Art Marketing Toolkit Project.

I invite you to become a member of the Art Marketing Toolkit Project. Join me and hundreds of artists who use the AMTP content and community to help them live their best artist’s lives. At $4.99 per month with no contract, it is the best bargain on the planet for artists.


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