Here Are 10 Best Cardinal Rules How to Price Art

Top Tips on How to Price Art for Success

Pricing your art properly is a critical component of creating a successful art business. The first thing you need to know it’s not pure science. And, since that is the case you also must realize it is an imperfect work in progress. Follow the advice from the rules here. They will help you discover the best ways how to price your art for success.

The good news is you can refine your methods to price art as your career progresses. To get the best results and make your art business as profitable as possible, follow the suggestions on the slideshow below. Just click the image to advance to the next slide. (On mobile, you may need to slide your finger right to left to advance the slides.) Give theĀ slides a few moments to load from an external server.

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Helping with How to Price Art Is a Regular Subject

If you’ve been reading Art Marketing News for awhile, you may recognize the topics in this listĀ from previous posts:

Additional Free Art Pricing Resources

A quick internet search for terms such as “best ways how to price art” and “pricing art formulas” will give you a host of useful posts and articles on the topic. Some of my favorites are:






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  1. Can any artists get a bank visa or master card bought in a store and have some (Mediators-networks systems) channeling financial art-sale transactions?!

    I guess institutional non for profits can do that…

    Best regards to you.

    P.S: Thank you so much for helping the arts.

  2. “I help artists and photographers find buyers, sell more art and operate profitably.” ~ Barney Davey

    I need some of this wisdom. I pass out business cards to potential buyers, and i have hundreds of views and likes on my website. The issue I am running into is that people love my photography work, they would love to have some of it in their homes, they just don’t want to pay for any of it. How can I go about changing that?

    1. You have a problem shared by many artists. It’s not your fault. There is little to no training to help you understand. Fine art is not an impulse buy in most cases. Sure, you might get impulse sales at fairs and shows, but that only happens if the promoter gets people to the show with the intent to buy. Passing out business cards without any follow up is a waste of time. Don’t give out your card unless you have no choice. Instead, get their email and send them a pdf with your work or a link to a page on your website with your work. Suggest a date and time to follow up. If they balk, they are not a viable prospect, move on. Casually giving your card to someone is a waste of time. So you have an ideal buyer persona? Do those you give out your cards to match it? Facebook likes are nice, but not that valuable when it comes to buyers because a like does not show any intent. Is all your marketing directed to your account? If so, that’s a problem because you are sending whatever traffic you get to a site with 100k artists on it. Start working your ideal customer persona and building a list of email subscribers and personal contacts who match it. To get a sale, you need somewhere between 7 – 12 customer touches on your ideal buyer prospects. If you want to turn what you are doing into a business, you need a reliable system to get customers and prospects. Take a look at the How to Find and Connect with Art Buyers Workshop.

  3. My website on fineartamerica shows the kind of art I can do. What I am looking for is an outfit that can handle shipping my pen & ink drawings of animals. I have put them up in 2008, 2009 on Ebay and sold 286 of them,with 100% positive glowing feedback. I prepared them each with backing, a card and acetate and shipped them. It was a very time consuming project. Due to family medical problems although I have a proven product inventory for anyone who loves their pet and wants a professional portrait of their breed I have it. I can not now handle the getting it to them. I realize that I can put them up now on many outfits that will ship them off their site, but that does not help to use up my inventory of them. Would appreciate your suggestion for my problem. I have information about what I have in inventory. Thank You in advance!

    1. Sounds like you are looking for fulfillment help. I don’t know of any companies offering that service by name. I’m sure there are some, but you are describing low volume for professional fulfillment services, which is likely a hindrance. I’m guessing most would want a retainer or minimum monthly income to take on new clients. I think you would do better to try and hire someone you know who wants to earn spare income as a home business. Pay them by the piece to keep your costs inline. Alternatively, do you have some local retirement communities or businesses that support disabled workers nearby? Good luck with your pursuits.

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